Happy Birthday Little Buddy! 13 is your lucky number!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

Evan turns 4 today at the very moment this is posted!
There is a long story about this little bub I want to share just in case you need to know.

4 years ago when I was pregnant with Evan and I was scared to death that he would be early like Cooper and be a sick little baby.  I'd lay gigantic pregnant body in our gigantic super deep bathtub every day and fill it full until I floated and then I'd watch him kick and make ripples in the water.  I miss that!

I'd pray each day that God watch over us and give me a healthy baby and a much easier delivery.  He was due October 8th but I was put on bed rest in August.  So, as time got closer I was more and more scared.  On September18th my doctor said I was to go to the hospital the next night and check in at 8:00.  I wasn't a minute late or a minute early...I was there at 8:00 on the dot.  I checked in, and while I was filling out paper work the ladies were talking about how I could have any room I wanted because I was the only one their that night...weird huh.  They said, "Are you superstitious?"  "NOPE! Why?" I asked.  "Because room 13 is the best and biggest one!  I said "I"LL TAKE IT!"
So, James and I walked down to room 13 and they weren't lying that room was HUGE!  It echoed I think.  Then as we got settled in I got excited.  I said a prayer and tried to relax as they started to induce me.  Early the next morning my water was broke, I had a super fast delivery, the doctor couldn't even get his stinkin' booties on his feet, I just wanted to grab my baby myself he was coming so fast.  The announced his birth at 9:31 am.  YAY!  13 hrs and 31 minuets from the time I checked in to the time he popped out...HEY!  What a minute...13?
So as we were talking about names the doctor (who sat behind me every Sunday at church) said, name him after me.  I laughed, no I don't think so but my first son and him have the same middle name so that's good enough.  We knew he was going to be Evan.  He originally was going to be Eva Marie...I liked Eva and Marie for my cousin Kristi.  But when we found out we were having a boy I changed it to Evan.  Easy as pie!  The nurse "Julie" said, name him after me...I have three names, I'm sure you can come up with something for a boy with them my name is "Julie Eva Marie"
You are freaking kidding me!!!!
So then, that day as James was holding our son and we were resting in our room he said...do you know what to day is?  No  It's the 20th of September...well, how'd I miss that one...that's our anniversary of the date we started "going out" and we still celebrate it.  He said, do you know how many years it's been?
13 years!
Do you know what I almost died that very instant!  What?  It took a little while for it all to come together the way it was intended.
It was all planned!  It was all put in action millions of years ago and God had a plan for my little buddy!  The reason being was so that I would always know that God is with me, I only have to ask him once, he's always listening and to strengthen my faith.
Faith IS built on experience.  Faith should always start with itself but we are human and doubt our Father when we shouldn't sometimes.
I'm glad He gave me this moment.
Now!  Finally conceiving Evan is another moment of Faith I'll share with you another time.
Evan sends his "POW" and "BAM" directly to you!
He's a superhero for his birthday!
So here he goes!

Evan likes to move super fast and make cool faces


  1. What a great memory! Very cool indeed. Happy birthday Evan!

  2. Great story! God does have a plan...and his plan has it's own special timing.
    Happy Birthday Evan!


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