My Favorite Getaway...Mentone, AL

Thursday, June 11, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Every time I take my boys to Lookout Mountain to visit my parents mountain home, I don't want to leave. When it's just us, it's like heaven!
The water is perfect, the weather is a dream (even thunderstorms), the sky is clear at night, my little boys, get to be little boys!
After going this weekend, my heart really wants to be there 24/7.
What I want for my children is a place that they will always want to come home too.
They are growing up way to quickly. I want them to have a home that they'll want to visit.
What I love is that our Mentone cabin is 15 miles from Fort Payne & Menlo, GA
So, I can go either way and in 20 minutes or so, I'm back in civilization.
This place is like magic! Between our cabin and Fort Payne hose is DeSoto State Park; that place is really cool. Then old downtown Fort Payne is the perfect small town, and the parks for kids are divine! SO, our little getaway has SO much to offer!
I can't wait to go back
watch my boys

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  1. What a fun trip! They boys look like they had a blast.

    I LOVE to spend time with my parents and I too often wonder about the future and hope that my children want to visit me so often when they are grown.


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