Super Hero's Have Birthdays Too!

Monday, May 04, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

 This is my hero!
 Nothing excites a 7 year old like a wad of $1 bills!
The birthday cake, oh it was so spectacular and then just before the party, my  tiniest hero decided to give it a try, what you don't see is the giant hole on the other side.
Super hero's do protect people!
My tiniest hero is a bulldozer in more than one sense.
Say Cheese!  Really???
 This is darling husband who decided his best bet was to not help, I decided it was not his best bet.  Umm going to pay your Lowe's bill during the birthday count down does result in a cake being mutilated.  Thanks!
 Super hero with his boots on, how awesome is that?
 Almost all the super heros!  P.S.  I made capes for them out of red plastic table clothes...see below!
This is the middle sized superhero of mine.
He's the one with attitude.
Our original plans got rained out so my parents so graciously let us have the party at their house and then the rains disappeared long enough to let them play outside.  
Thanks Mom and Dad.
Happy Birthday Cooper!

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  1. Such a fun time!! Looks like the kiddos had a blast. I'm a sucker for a superhero who wears boots! :) You're such a fun mom!


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