OOOOOh Camera!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

What does a girl have to spend to get a camera that takes the picture she wants it to take?
Evan had the CAWUETEST (cutest) milk mustasche this morning.
I tried capturing it with my camera but the kid didn't want to say cheese.
So he made screwy faces but the flash is too harsh.

So, I turned off the flash but if he moves one milimeter, it's blurry!  It probably didn't help that he wanted to put his hand on the lens.  To me, the lighting is rightnow.  I like the fresh, non harsh look...what ever it's called.
So this may have been the clearest picture of them all but to me, the harsh lines of the flash are annoying!  
So, is there anyone out there that can help me with this!  
I want to take the picture that I want to take and I want it to look like what I see.
Camera recommendations?
Classes I should take?
Blogs I should read?
Does it really matter about the camera?
I think $400 on a camera is alot but maybe I should take out a small loan and get a professional camera!
Now!  Outdoor pictures are always great!
I just want my indoor pictures to be great too!


  1. I am interested in the advice you get. I definitely need help in the picture department.

  2. What camera do you have?

    Go to and look through her photography tips. They're great!!!


  4. Really, what you need is to be able to get a faster shutter speed w/out using the flash. With a point-n-shoot, that may not be easy to do. Then your options are to add more light and look at different settings. Can you raise your ISO somehow? If you can, do that. If not, maybe try a sports setting and putting a little more space between you and your subject (that's why the flash seems to be so strong, I think.) They often have the settings where the shutter speed is a little faster. Even with an expensive dslr, you'll have the same issues, but they will be easier to control.

  5. A lot of what makes really great photos look "great" is editing too! I do a lot of brightening and playing with levels, saturation and color balance to get my pics to appear nice and clear. Most photogs do - it's just the way it is these days. Anyway, if you don't edit now, you might look into a free program like gimp or

  6. What kind of camera do you have? You can make good pictures with any kind of camera you just need to know how to use your camera. The first thing is try not to use your flash. Bump your ISO (if you can) and play around with the settings available to you. Changing your white balance when you are inside is also a super help. Let me know what kind of camera you have and what kinds of settings you have and I can make suggestions.


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