Puppy Love Continued...

Sunday, February 08, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I pulled this old photo out of a frame yesterday. It's been folded up for many years with just me and James smiling out of its window. That's my friend from high school, April and her date an old dear friend of mine Mark. They really didn't know each other but April was dumped at the last minute...how rude, and Mark was very gracious to go with us. What a sport! But we had a blast! Anyway, I've been think alot about love the last few days, probably because Cooper and I have been making what feels like 100's of Valentines cards and really there's just like 30. So, I found these pictures of James and I all dressed up and ready for prom in 1995, yes 14 years ago.
We knew then that we would be together forever. We talked about our babies, our aspirations, our dreams, desires, everything. I'm even dying to get out some old letters, back then we used to write letters. Texting wasn't an option. I wrote poems and letters and folded them like the Victorians did with their valentines and in so many intricate ways. James could always refold them perfectly! What a man! I always wonder if this is how he still sees me? Does he still see the young girl, he feel in love with? You know, I still see him that way but it's different somehow? I can't put my finger on it. Is it age or the extra 20 or 30 pounds? No, it's more of the deeper laugh lines I think. The very worked hands. The tired in his eyes. The things I love him for are how hard he works, how he can be patient with the kids when I'm not, how he doesn't mind to mop and sweep because I'm terrible at it. It's little things that make me love him more and more. I could probably make a list of things that irritate me, starting with how he's TOO realistic only I call it pessimistic, but I'm not going there. He's the sort of man that can fix anything...anything I tell you. If he'd had parents that pushed him a little harder in school, or even cared at all, he could have been some sort of engineer. He really wanted to be a meteorologist. Oh well...we are where we are today because of the cards we are dealt...we just have to remember to play our cards right!

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