A Simple "I Spy" Toy You Can Make

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I found a clear mailing tube at the thrift store today and knew what I was going to do with it when I got home.  I'd been making those "I Spy" bags in the past for gifts but this is SO much easier.    Just add a filler, I happened to have the clear plastic poly beads from the craft store but rice will work, fill half way.  I used the little trinkets I have collected but you can use any toys that are too small for your little ones mouth; pennies, marbles, barbie shoes, etc.

Add a little bit more filler, leaving a couple of inches in the top.  Attach the second lid and make sure to super glue them on.  They stay on well by themselves but you do not want this thing coming open.

They love playing with this and the more stuff you can sneak in the better.  Look for beads shaped like sports balls, animals, even confetti with cool shapes or letters.  This is a great item to take on long trips or to the doctor to keep them entertained.  Help your little ones look for items you know are in there and be surprised by the ones you've forgot. 

I'm thinking for just over a dollar or so per kid, these would be great party favors as well!  Or even a teacher appreciation gift that can be appreciated by a whole classroom of kids too.



  2. I've seen something similar done using old water bottles and bird seed as the filler.  It could be used as a good school project too, as a lesson for reduce, reuse, recycle.  Students could bring in their own tiny objects and waterbottles to make their own games from old stuff that could end up in a landfill somewhere.  One teacher I read about made these as "holiday" gifts for her students.

  3. any tips on where to get the "treasures" from. I have no problem finding beads and confetti shapes, but no luck with the mini plastic toys.....


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