A Day Off

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I'm a mom, I don't get a day off. 
I started to do something like laundry today but couldn't, it was too exhausting to even think about.  Our washer died.  It didn't get a day off either.  I'm worried there may be a connection.

James called about the price of the part...$289.  A new one would be just as cheap...well, not really but it'd be new.  Upgrades are better don't you think? 

I tried to take a day off today and I've almost succeeded.  I worked on blog stuff and read alot.  Then I put fall clothes in Coopers closet, it's still 90 plus degrees here.  I'm ready for fall. 

I also put together a train set while the boys napped on the couch.  I should have put them in their beds because Jake has been naked all day and will pee on the couch while sleeping.  When we are home, he would rather be naked and since he's potty trained I let him.  I think it's cute, plus I don't see naked, I see soft pudgy flesh that needs to be kissed and hugged.

I'm still avoiding facebook.  I take a peek and I know I shouldn't, God's wrath is going to get the best of me if I don't stop.  I'll stop. 

I want to blog on here more but I don't have time.  I'll have more time soon.  I hope.


  1. Dad told me this week "the more you own the more stuff breaks". I guess we should feel lucky to have dishwashers and air conditioning and washing machines, huh?
    We moved in May... our dryer broke. Turned out to be no biggie, but it still sucked going to the laundromat for 2 weeks in the midst of a move. Our old mower wouldn't pull the hill at our new house, so we had to get a new mower (or pay someone to mow... we got a new mower). Our grill broke and we had to get a new one... we grill a lot. Then someone rear-ended Hank and totaled his car. Ugh. We had to buy a new car. A couple weeks ago, our A/C broke upstairs and it was $1400 to fix! Ugh!!!! Oh... as IF that weren't enough CRAP for one summer... guess what?? Our dishwasher broke this week. I'm not cut out for workin' 50 hour weeks, taking care of a 1 year old, AND hand-washing dishes... and oh yeah... Hank has the flu too, so I'm not gettin' any help this week either. Eh... It could be worse. WAY worse. Hang in there. :o)

  2. Ah... I also left out that our icemaker broke too. I never did understand what happened... it just started working again after two weeks of not working. Weird.


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