Guess who Stormed the Party?

Saturday, May 16, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Cooper made a friend last year in Kindergarten and that friend also rides the bus with Cooper.  This is the second year we've attended a birthday party for his friend.
Last year my allergies kept me from enjoying it but last night I switched to Zyrtec and I'm 75% better.  So I was able to enjoy this one but I had no idea how excited I'd be to attend a little boys birthday party.
When we first got there, this is what my 7 year old wanted to do!
and this is what my 3 year old wanted to do!
Do you see anything wrong with these pictures....
HMMM!  Could it be the 7 year old is doing what the 3 year old should be and vice versa?
Exciting I know...just hide and watch.
Do you see the look on this guys face?
He's totally caught off guard when this guy came around the corner.
O thank God...he's not warped!
He's fine!
I guess he'll be okay to watch Star Wars again.
I was worried.
I just wish he'd wanted to have his picture made with the Storm Trooper and Skywalker.
Also, I was so excited I jumped up and down like a 7 year old boy!
What's wrong with me!?

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