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Friday, October 21, 2011 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

My oldest son and I have been talking for the last two days about how he is managing the money he has earned.  Basically, we've been keeping up with it in our heads and have an "estimate" of what he has.  Quiet frankly, this is no way to manage money from any perspective.  So, he and I developed a little system today that he is going to start using.

We worked out a register that we could record his deposits, withdrawals, savings and tithes.  It's just a more "grown-up" version of this system that we used in the past.
So, I made checkbooks, deposit slips and a check register.  You could use just the register but we thought we'd make it as real as possible for him.  We are even going to give him a "credit card" a re-loadable card and let him pay his "credit card" bill so that he can use the re-loadable card when needed. 

To begin, print the check register.  I printed 3 sheets and cut them with a small paper cutter.  Stack them together and staple to a sheet of card stock that is cut the same size as the register sheets, 6" x 2.75".  Then print the Guardian Bank & Trust play registered cover.  Cut out and glue the register sheets to the inside of the cover, you can use either side for the front or back.  

If you decide that you want to use checks and deposit slips.  Print those as well.  I printed 4 sheets of checks and 1 sheet of deposit slips.  Cut all of them out (it's easier to use a really good paper cutter), score the tops of each so that will be easy to tear, stack and staple together.

Once you have stapled the tops, you'll want to create a back and slight cover to cover up the staples.  Cut a piece of card stock .5" taller than the checks and the same width.

You'll want to be able to fold the top over to just cover the a real checkbook.

Now, we are going to sit down and start entering deposits and withdrawals into his checkbook.  Cooper is very excited about this...I feel like I may have an Alex P. Keaton on my hands.


  1. This is great.  Wonderful way to teach him about managing and appreciating money!

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  4. In sixth grade, I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Jex.  She would give out Jex bucks as rewards.  A couple of friends and I opened up Jex bank.  I am the daughter of a banker, what can I say?  We made check books much like the ones that you have, only the checkbook cover wasn't as elegant.  Thank you for the lovely idea and for jogging a memory :)

  5. Very neat idea.  We do almost the same thing.  You should submit this to Money Saving Mom!

  6. This is awesome, but I can not load the registry. Thanks so much!

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