In The Morning When I Rise

Thursday, May 14, 2015 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I felt His calling this morning...
So, I made the bed.
I brushed my teeth.
I got dressed.
I fixed breakfast...and I felt His calling.

Our Lord Father can be relentless huh?

So, I carried my breakfast, Bible and journal out on the porch this morning for some nurturing and nourishment.  I sat down, plopped it all on the table, noticed the lovely bed of dirt across from me joining me for breakfast, counted my blessings, and began to read & write.

My Psalm today that from where my Bible opened and the one that caught my eye was Psalm 4:5-8.
At first I thought I was reading a little verse about sunshine and light and how great life is and then I backed up and read again.
5.Offer the sacrifices of righteousness..
Offer a sacrifice?  Of righteousness? it, I get that.
Righteousness...not got it, what's that?

When I think of how the world views righteousness today I think of "self righteous" people who take pride in the things they do, brag about how much better they are than others because they went to church Sunday, or maybe they belittle people who make more choices...whatever self righteous is, it's not of Christ.   So, I guess I need a lesson in righteousness.  Here were my thoughts from my journal.

Sacrifices offered from righteousness.  Lord, show me how to offer righteousness with sacrifice.  This very part of the verse was not initially the one that I thought was so special for today.  Lately, I have had the it okay for me to have a glass of win in public?  Are curse words really a big deal because sometimes I want to say them?  Thoughts like these...and then I read Your verse.  "Offer the sacrifice of righteousness..."  Living a life of righteousness, goodness, and uprightness comes with a sacrifice.  But what is righteousness? I so want to be .  But the sacrifice is hard.  That's why it's a sacrifice and I give it to You, right?
And the return rate is Your countenance, light, gladness, joy, I will lie down in peace and sleep in safety. 

It just so happens Psalm 5 is a prayer for guidance.  Isn't that just perfect.  I literally choked up reading it.  Especially..
 "My voice You shall hear in the morning O Lord.  In the moringin I will direct it to You And I will look up." 

Wow. Just grab your Bible and start reading it.  Starting my day with a little morning worship is truly going to lift my spirits.  I'm going to be able to look up and know He has my day in His hands.  That is the righteousness He speaks of...and more.  But I'm still learning.

A little sacrifice of my time for Him is going to do me more good than not sacrificing the time and hurrying through my morning and day.

That brings be back to my questions and thoughts I've had lately.  I know I have spent less time with Him lately, no excuses, I have none.  Distraction is not an excuse and busy is being under Satan's yoke.  But what about those other little questions I have?  Well, He deals with us each individually?  Do my Christian friends think less of me because I have a glass of wine sometimes at night or a cocktail on the beach while relaxing?  Does it diminish His message and make me less useful to Him?  Does saying a curse word do that too?  If it does, no doubt, He will convict my heart.  He will guide me.  He will teach me about righteousness.  He will take a look at my steps and if I need to be set upright and corrected, He will do it.

I always feel like I scratch the surface with my writing but I think all that means to readers is that He has a message for you that you need to dig for.  That you need to hear from Him by spending time in His Word that was written for you today, at this very moment.

His message for me is burning right into my heart and couldn't possibly fit on a computer screen.  It has to go out into the world and lift others, brighten days, rescue the weak.

So, I will leave you with this.  I am going now to my Bible to continue reading, to seek guidance and to pray.

Be blessed today.

Just wanted to share a little clip of my life lately.

I have a new running partner.

My oldest is now 13.  We took him to Nashville for dinner.
Testing is over and the fun of learning begins.

My Littles are regressing back to sneaking in our bed.
Spring is here in the south!
Donated clothing is the BEST!

Oh and we only have a few more weeks and our Foster Parent paperwork will be run through.
A child's placement with us is about to happen.  We are getting ready!  Praise Him for that!

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