Where I am not...He is. Where I am...He is.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I am not sufficient.
I look at the perfectly blue, cloudless sky  and feel so small.
I'm looking up with tears on my face, looking for an answer.

I am not sufficient.
I have sat at my desk today balancing budgets, paying bills, telling my money were to go and frustrated.  There is a number on my sheet that I wish wasn't there.  There is a number that will move from my budget to my check register and I wish I didn't have to have it. I know many, many parents who feel the same way.

Our children are our responsibility and years ago before my middle son was conceived I prayed for another baby.  I wanted a big family and we tried for years to have number 2.  One night I laid prostrate out on the bed, not in tears for a new baby but in tears of worry.

That night I gave my first son back to God and saying "I am not sufficient but You are.  Watch over my son when I can not, he is Yours not mine.  I am just his caretaker while he needs me to be."  A month later we were in awe to find that I was pregnant with our second baby.  That is not a coincidence.  I believe these two events in my life are connected by an eternal Father who was waiting on me to give back to Him and trust Him fully.

This baby boy was born and all circumstances surrounding his birth can be traced back to complete miracles.  Nothing was left out of the miracle touch, not his name, not the date, not the year, second, or even the room number he was born in.  Everything about this child was a miracle.

Around 2 years old he was still not talking and and participated in at home speech therapy.  By age 3 he was riding a little school bus to speech therapy locally and by 5 he was starting Pre-K and had graduated out of speech.  Then 1st grade...struggles started and in 2nd grade we found out he was legally blind in one eye and now in 3rd grade his attention and focus are so bad that I'm hurting for him.

So much makes sense now and my intuition always directed me towards a processing disorder... in 3rd grade it was revealed through testing that he indeed had a processing disorder...but which one?

Auditory Processing Disorder

It felt good to finally put a name with what it might be but we need an official diagnosis.

In the meantime...I am not sufficient.

So sitting in my figures of bills and expenses is this number that is looming...it's the price for a prescription.  It breaks my heart.  I know it will help him focus.  He's had it before.
God will provide an answer but in the meantime...

Homework is a struggle.
School work is incomplete.
He doesn't understand directions.
Focus is nonexistent at school
I get calls from the school.
Emails go back and forth from me to the teacher
Meetings are scheduled
We wait.
Phone calls to doctors for help.
Trips back to doctors offices.

Compared to others who I know are grieving for their children's health this is not a big deal.
But comparison is not an option.
Comparison happens.
Comparison is inevitable.
Compassion is next.

"And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them." Mark 10:16
The little children and Jesus have a special bond.
My son does not worry unless we worry him.  He walks blindly through his struggles, knowing they are there but trusting it will all be okay.
That each day will continue to turn over into the next.
That he will still be a child.
He comes home to a safe place were this problem is not seen.
That sweet boy plays with his toys in full concentration, building and exploring, creating and experimenting.  It's only when we enter his world and bring our expectations that he is different.

I stand in awe when I am near him.  He is a genius in his own mind.  His world makes perfect sense to him.
Ours does not.
He can't understand our expectations and is frustrated when he can't meet them.

We work quietly together.
I start the laundry, put everyone else in the bed, and we work.
We work close together to make sure he is understanding.
A piece at a time, a little at a time he understands and remembers or gets it as new.
When he gets it, he gets it in his own way.

“But she came and worshiped him, saying, Lord, help me” Mark 15:25
I am at His complete mercy when it comes to my children.
I was given these sweet souls to raise up.
He gives and He takes away.

Two words: "Help me."
Many times lately before entering a conversation or situation I find that these two little words precede the moment. I know I am not sufficient that I will not say or do the right thing without His guidance.

"Help me, O Lord, my God..." Psalms 109:26
Everything inside of me is trusting God through this.
My sons plight will not define him.
God's love and grace and mercy will.

I am not sufficient.
Thank you, Lord.

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