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Monday, August 04, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Today I was going about my business (literally working) and while talking on the phone I received a text. When I finished my call and I went to read it.  Just the first little bit startled me.  Then my phone rang, it was my friend who had sent the text and I answered.

As my friend told me about a series of events and how the played out over the weekend, my heart broke for her with each turn of the story.  At the end, ultimately, she was safe and sound at home and talking to me.  It felt like I was a million miles away from her because I could not reach through the phone and hug her.  She has been my best friend for so long and is that friend that you can not hear from for months and be okay because when you talk again it's like you never missed a beat.  She is that kind of friend to me.

I love her.  I hurt for her when she hurts and I cry for her when she does.  I rejoice with her when times are good and happy and joyful.  Circumstances and distance do not mean a thing when you love someone so much because you make a way  You are okay that you are apart but can't get enough hugs and conversation when you get to see each other.    

Today the story that played out was devastating and something that no woman should have to endure short of losing a child.  Every woman's body belongs to her and it is her to give to her husbands and to God out of pleasure and worship and never for anyone else except to give birth to another soul.  Our bodies are a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1) and were made for a purpose (Jeremiah 1:5). 

All weekend I read and studied on how it's always that one thing, that one experience that puts the spirit of fear in us but that is not of God (see previous post).  God put a Spirit of strength, love and sound-mind in us.  He gave us women a power that men will never possess.  He set us apart and made us special, worthy, necessary, precious, and to be cherished.  It is not God that lowers His expectations for us, it us that lowers our expectations for us.  Circumstances and feelings we have are the factors that raise and lower those expectations.  Circumstances and feelings can flip them like a switch.  God does not waiver, He is steady, and He knows what He is doing.

After my sweet friend poured out her grief and shame and how she felt undeserving all I could do was listen. I literally hit the mute button so that she could just spill everything she could until she had said all she could say. All the while silently praying that God give me the words.  It wasn't until later that I realized He already had, I just needed to be the vessel that poured them out on her.

To know God's love is something so special.  We should all feel it.  I cant feel it for you, or my friends, or my family.  We each have to feel it for ourselves.  That love causes me to lift my hands in the air with praise as if I'm reaching to the heavens for Him to pick me up as a small child.  Like a Big Daddy who can pick His baby girl up and give her a whole new view, a completely different perspective.  Remember...

Did you ever have someone pick you up when you were little.  Didn't it seem so different up higher where you could see.  I remember being picked up so many times, I remember riding on my Dad's shoulders and holding on.  I remember how my heart pounded with all the new perspective and how exciting it was.  That is exactly the feeling I get when I ask my Lord Father to pick me up.  He lifts me up, gives me a new perspective and sets me back down with a whole new posture.

I want my sweet friend to know that love and I hope she felt it today.  Even through scripture, prayer and words of love I could hear her voice shake with uncertainty.  I think to myself; it's okay baby girl, you can take that first step again.  Our Father is holding your hand.  Be certain in your steps, He will guide and light the way and when you need Him to pick you up, raise your arms and praise Him for what He is about to do because He is about to give you a whole new perspective, His perspective, a view you couldn't see before.

Our body is a living sacrifice to be kept holy for Him and how dare anyone defile His beautiful works.  He will seek justice for you, He will have mercy on those who want to be forgiven, and we all can walk humbly with Him, like a child. 

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