Full Schedule? Busy? With What?

Friday, July 11, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Doesn't fitting everything into your day perfectly sound so dreamy?

My Planner in all its HomeSpun-Decorated Glory.

Why, why do we feel like we are supposed fill our schedule up every day and pack it full in order to be "successful"  Seriously?  In order to be the best mom ever I must have the best made schedule that I stick to, right?  Isn't that part of trying to be supermom?

Sunday night I resolved I would start scheduling more appointments and fit everything in better if I just schedule.  So, I scheduled out out a few days to see how it would go. Dude, I have 3 kids at home during the summer what as I thinking?  Monday and Tuesday where what my friend Molly calls a "hot mess" as a result.  

Tuesday evening I put my tired body down in the hot water of a bath, tried to read a book but ended up praying about the unbalance I felt and well, nothing.  I did not have a revelation or anything that would solve this problem I was having.  I stayed in that tub until the water was no longer hot waiting for an idea or thought or inspiration from above and nothing.  So, I gave up and as I was stepping out of that lukewarm water I recalled the words.... "I sprinkled AdvoCare into my day."  I'd heard a fellow AdvoCarian say these words. Yes, my AdvoBusiness is legit!  She had built a diamond organization fast.  AdvoCare is my business and what I was stressing over.  NO one wants to stress over that.  No one would want to do what I do if they had seen my previous two days.

So, my resolve became that I would go back to filling my day up with serving my family, honoring God, helping others, putting my purpose first.  It only makes sense.  When I do the work my Father has for me to do then everything feels at peace.  So, I have a business that will allow me to sprinkle it into my day.  THAT is what I'm talking about folks.

I love my planner and I love knowing what's going on and being prepared but that's different that trying to have a "full schedule".  My schedule is FULL but I'm not "busy" and that's exactly what I need.

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