Cinderella's 10 Tips to Keeping it Simple

Sunday, July 20, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Once Upon a Time there was a Mom with 3 Sons...well, 3 plus a dog named Hiccup and a husband.

I have to share really quick...Today, I downloaded an app that I am hoping I will stay addicted too.  It's called "Tody" and I scheduled cleaning all over my house by area, frequency, and type.  There's even one for the "Loo".  It was a dream today to look at the tasks that are ready for me to do.  I could buzz around the whole house or choose to work in one room at a time.  Either way, I found some help for my ADD brain that can't seem to finish any job.  Add in a little extra "mental focus" and an apron and let the power cleaning begin.

I posted on my InstaGram that I felt like Cinderella.  My husband whisked the boys to the Skating Rink for a birthday party while I stayed home and cleaned.  I always dreamed of being Cinderella.  I honestly don't need the "Ball" and I've got my Prince Charming.  I'm trying desperately every day to live happily ever after.  

Sometimes I feel like a slave to these little people and sometimes I feel like a drill sergeant.  Other times I enjoy folding their little shirts and changing the sheets on the bed.  It all probably depends on my stress level for other things going on in my life.

Today when my boys came home from skating my littlest asked if he could vacuum the Sun Room. I love it when they vacuum because they get every crevice that I typically over look.  They offered to take out the garbage, recyclables and even brought down laundry.  Wow!  Who are these kids of mine?  They even played outside and stayed out of my way.  

As I was folding towels tonight for the umpteenth time this weekend I realized they were dirtying far too many towels for 3 little boys.  Not one time do they hang one and reuse it.  I'm sorry but they are not little princes in a palace with a maid.  If you dry off and you are clean, that towel can dry you at least 7 times.  That's 1 time a week that I should have to wash those towels.  

When my Daddy was growing up I've heard they had "Sunday Overalls" and a pair of  "Weekday Overalls" as kids.  I don't know if that's true but I'm cool with it.  Less to wash!  My kids are lucky enough to be able to dirty 3 outfits a day if I'd let them.  They love showers and they love clean clothes.  They are a tiny bit rotten by standards of my ancestors.  

So, I took their towels that go specifically in their bathroom and did this...

There's no fanciness going on here.  Simply hooks, simple ribbons and a little hand stitching.  They have matching hand towels and wash rags.  Those aren't as big a deal as these ginormous towels being washed constantly.  Now, they can hang and be reused until they stand on their own if I want them too.  They won't get to that point but you get the idea.  I will also know who is guilty of not hanging their towel too.  These towels were $3.99 and big.  They are just what those boys needed.

Now tonight, I have to add, I went downstairs to run a load of laundry and low and behold I found treasures in the wash.  I love treasures.  They come out so clean and they are a testament to what my boys treasure most at the moment.  Tonight, it was Hot Wheels.  Hot Wheels were taken for a spin.

Things aren't always going to be perfect like I dream they will be.  I will live "Happily Ever After" in my "Once Upon a Time" world but it takes a day at a time.

Cinderella's 10 Tips to Keeping it Simple

  1. There is a HUGE difference between "want" and "need" and knowing the difference will eliminate clutter and save money too.
  2. Write things down, don't depend on technology.  Find time to think about what you need to accomplish and have accomplished.  While you're at it, write a card to a friend or two as well.
  3. Listen less.
  4. Simplify by condensing, reusing, and consolidating.
  5. Detach yourself from "things".  ie. Please don't pet your beautiful shoes and dream about them.  They are shoes.  Your things do not love you back, in fact most of them are in your way.
  6. Grow something...even just a little thing like a violet or a big thing like a garden.
  7. Cast out the "ownership" mindset.  You don't have to own it to enjoy it.  Rent movies, borrow books, share outfits, lend your bike.  You don't have to own everything your heart desires.
  8. Be okay with silence.  Learn to enjoy peace and quite.
  9. Time is not found, it is made.  You make time.  It's an illusion that you will find time.  
  10. Don't be afraid of "Good Bye".  Donate or throw away.  Clean out your closets, cabinets, fridge, etc.

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