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A few nights ago I had the honor and privilege of sitting at my sweet friends table and hearing her story...

I have known my friend Becky since middle school.  If I go through my pictures from high school, she is in many of them.  She was always that friend that I admired.  She was pretty, fit, quite, outgoing, and there was just something that I loved.

As we went through our 20's I didn't see her.

We reconnected a few years ago as I laid on her massage table.  I talked, she listened and with her hands gave me a healing touch.  I had no idea the pain she was holding back.

Over time we became closer and found we are more alike than we ever knew and so different in so many ways.

A few nights ago I had the honor and privilege of listening to her pour our her heart.  She poured it all out with a strength I know I wasn't blessed with.  She did so, so she could do this.  Grab your tissues...


I had no idea...
We cut up paper and I wrote her story as she told it.

Privileged...honored...that's is exactly how I feel.

"Her children rise up and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28  

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  1. OH man. I swore to myself I would NOT need tissues. HA. I did. Congratulations to them both. I wish them the best and that their two little miracles will be just perfect.

    It sounded so similar to my own story. I lost a little girl while my Mom was fighting colon cancer. I was blessed to be pregnant again and had her first grandchild she was able to hold just two months before she died. But, it was not an easy pregnancy at all. I then tried again for my little girl and I had twin boys. I never had my little girl, but had three healthy boys which was wonderful. I now have the wonderful joy of spoiling two granddaughters and a grandson.

    Sometimes you just need faith and alot of patience. Big hugs to them both and their two miracles.


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