4 Areas You Need to DeClutter & How!

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If you walk through my home at first, for about 3 seconds, you'll think I'm a clean freak.  I'm not.  I keep 2 rooms clean just in case the President shows up.  And that's only the case about 75% of the time.  I try to keep our "powder room" clean but listen y'all.  I have 4 men in this house and somehow they not only miss the toilet, the manage to miss the surrounding area as well.  But I scrub that little bathroom until the paint comes off the trim, I clean walls and all.  

Travel around into my Dining Room and it will be clutter free and clean except for that one corner on the table where the kids eat so they can see the TV and over the years have managed to stain my white, what was I thinking, dining room chairs.  Just around the corner is my kitchen.  It's graced with beautiful cabinets and stainless steal and the deepest sink I could find.  I joke that if you see dishes above the top of the sink then I'm in trouble.  So, most days I go down to the kitchen and the dishes some how manage to climb to the top of the sink and over.  

My laundry room is just off off the kitchen and will never be seen with nothing to wash.  I've tried organizing laundry in bins but goodness, the bins can't contain the laundry, I might as well wash as fast as I can. The kids have the Sun Room to themselves and to make it look fancy and take your eyes off the stained couch is a beautiful new rug and workout equipment.

I could go on and take you upstairs and show you room after room but I won't torture you.

The one thing I can't stand is a cluttered closet or cabinet even though I can apparently stand a cluttered room.  I walk around sometimes and look and just mentally collapse.  It's so draining.  Not only am I trying to train up little people to clean up after themselves but I'm also trying to handle many things on my own.  Everywhere I look I see clutter.  My ADD does not do well.  To cope, I take it upon myself to start decluttering, putting away neatly and organizing again.  I spend more time in the closets than I ever care to.  It's so overwhelming, distracting, and feels heavy.

As I was reading tonight I put my book down because my mind keeps going to all the clutter going on in my life.  I closed my eyes to pray and suddenly I felt that my mind was too cluttered to even pray.  My thoughts are so many and so all over the place.  I need to pray over my family, my business, my children, my husband, my friends, my home, my own self, and so much.  The closets of my mind are about to bust with cluttered thoughts.

The weight of the world is on us.  The weight of our sin is on us. The weight of our spiritual clutter is on us.
Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. . . . Hebrews 12:1
 This scripture had new meaning to me.  I was thinking to myself that if I could just run, if I could just let my body move and let my mind search Him out then all of this clutter would clear away.  It would all clear out and I would be able to see my path clearly.

My clothes need folding, my house needs cleaning, the boys toys need sorting, my sons room needs organizing, and aren't you already worn out by thinking about all the things I need to do.  Did they remind you of things you need to do?

It is always a great feeling to experience His Spirit filling so that I am emptied of all the clutter.  My clutter has to be removed by Him so that I can see and hear the things I am meant to.  As I type this my focus becomes very narrow.  I can only see the screen in the darkness of the room.  There's something so comforting about having my focus narrow.  So, I'll ask Him to shine a light on my heart and help me work on me and my mental/spiritual clutter while I work on my earthly/worldly clutter.

It's okay to have things you need to clean up but when the clutter and the mess are distracting you from the life He intends you to live.  It's time to get rid of more!  Give more!   Give more!  Give more!

So, clean out those closets and sack up the unnecessary.  Don't dwell for a second about how you might could use something 5 months down the road.  If it's in your way, move it out.  If it does not immediately have a place to rest, give it away.  Don't save it for the yard sale, take it to a missions.  Don't pile it in the garage or in a bin, call a friend who needs it.

Stop taking on clutter, stop bringing it in and stop telling yourself that you "NEED" it.

  1.  Physical Area - this is the areas you spend your time the most in your home, car, yard, etc.
    1. Devote 10 minutes at a time to each area.  Declutter, throw away, and box up items that are collecting dust or in your way.  Remove them.  Simplify your view.
    2. Off limits, decide what can go were.  Toys in kitchen, no food in living area, etc.  Set some ground rules.
    3. Chore Chart it all out.  Give everyone some responsibility or a particular room to keep clean. My kids love knowing what each are responsible for and there is no arguing about whose job it is.
    4. From time to time tackle a smaller cluttered area like a closet, cabinet or drawer. Take 10 minutes and let your space get to know your garbage can.  Send misplaced items back where they belong.
  2. Emotional Area - this is how a room makes you feel when you walk in.  Doesn't it feel good to walk into a clean room that smells heavenly?  Of course!  Don't you get upset when things aren't so divine? Yes!  So, in order to keep emotions from wildly swinging back and forth based on clutter, begin to get rid of it.  Tackle big tasks together that are causing huge amounts of stress.  If everyone pitches in for 5 minutes on a high stress task, it becomes a much peaceful environment for all.  
  3. Mental Area - does noise clutter your space, do thoughts, does stress, does meshing work spaces together cause clutter in your mind?  Dedicate space in your home for tasks.  Have a place to fold clothes, a place to do homework, a place to pay bills, a place for everything and your mind will not have to race around as much trying to remember where what was last time you saw it.  Train others in your home to put things where they go so that you can all think less and stress less.
  4. Spiritual Area - Sometimes we've got way to many things we don't understand or are trying to figure out on our own.  With spiritual clutter you have to give it up and over.  You can not try to deal with spiritual clutter on your own.  Ask for direction, seek direction.  Open His Word and let the spiritual clutter fall away as He narrows your focus and gives you what you need.  

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