you will fight with everything in you

Thursday, June 19, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

When I closed my eyes early this morning for an additional hour of sleep because my eyes opened way to early something amazing happened, I dreamed.

I dream all of the time but sometimes I have one of those dreams that will never leave me and haunt me until I understand it.  My dream was one that made me move my feet when I got up this morning so that I could clear my head and focus on a task I was meant to do.

For about a month and a half I have had adoption application papers in a box, filed away neatly by my bed.  I keep waiting for that peaceful moment when I can pull them out and begin chipping

away at them.  What was I thinking?  That moment will just not come.  God has really been speaking to me on this which is why I did the "He Speaks to Me" posts.  I want people to know that I don't take this matter lightly and it is NO JOKE.

My business seems to wax and wain with the thoughts I put towards the adoption which is no surprise really, God needs me to trust Him on this.  I put everything in a box, closed it up and went about life and  in the mean time God has not been blessing me so much when it comes to my work. So, he heavily convicted me last week, every single day, and so Sunday morning I pulled the files out and put them in a bag to carry with me.  God proved that He was waiting on me and we received a blessing, really multiple blessings.  Now it's back out of the bag because this morning He put urgency behind my actions with my dream...
Imagine that you are in the middle of a situation where a young girl, teenager, comes to you and says...I CAN'T find my my baby.  The whole community starts looking and before the day was out you find the baby.  In the woods, alone, crying, dirty, injured and when you pick her up she clings to you with all of her strength and with all of her might she holds on to you.  She won't let go and you take her home, bathe her, change her dirty diaper, call the authorities, the doctors, and dress her.  Imagine rocking her to sleep for the first peaceful rest and feeding she's had in who knows how long really and then laying her down to sleep.  Then imagine that girl coming for her baby and all the while you know what happened, that she had discarded that baby girl and you will fight with everything in you to protect her.  She was never wanted, never loved; and now she is.  You are going to fight for her.  
I feel like I've used the words "fight for your family" a few extra times today we talking to people. I don't believe this dream was by chance.  I haven't watched TV, or had any conversations or seen anything remotely that would make me think it was out outside influence.  This is His eternal influence.

So today, I found this little green file folder and it screamed...use me!  So, I love that I can carry this around and keep it with me.  May seem small but to me this is big and instead of waiting on that peaceful moment, I'm going to be writing on these papers and filling them out and reading the articles required and so much more because I will keep it on me even in all my chaos.  So if you see my green folder with me, know that I am serious.  I'm also personally in great prayer for the mother of this baby girl.  Please be in prayer for her. I am asking for LOTS of prayers that God continue to move me forward in His Will, continue to bless our house, my family, my business so that I can stay focused on this task that He clearly is preparing us for.

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