He Speaks to Me (part 3)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Before now I have been in complete awe of people that say they can hear our Lord speak to them.  Whenever people would say they could hear His Voice my head would cock a little to the side and I would wonder "how?".  Then one day it happened.  After asking for that experience and the desire or closeness, I found His Voice.  It was subtle, clear, and could only be heard in the stillness and quietness of the moment I was in.
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In order to hear His Voice I had to want to hear Him.  I had a desire so deep inside me to hear my Father's Voice that I had begun to seek it.  For days and days it seemed like I was trying to "unlock" a secret phone line to God.  I wanted to be able to talk to Him and hear His Voice but what I found suddenly was that I heard Him.

I was laying in my bathtub one night trying to relax but was distressed about a few things.  I can't even remember what they were now but I'll never forget when I became perfectly still and all the noise had faded away, then I heard Him.  It was a small voice kind of like if you were to think thoughts to yourself.  Only, it's not your voice.  It's personal to you because He calls you by name, He begins to clear your mind and make the chaos go away in your head so that as He speaks, all the pieces come together.  It always feels like He takes all the pieces, gifts, signs, words, everything and puts them together for me.  What He reveals is a bigger picture.  One I would not have thought of or seen had I not asked for Him to show me what He needs of me.

The day I first heard Him I was overjoyed, I had love flowing all through me, clarity, ideas, and excitement. The things He had placed in me, had spoken to me could only have come from Him.  The next day a girlfriend came over and I shared with her what had happened.  She felt it was absolutely necessary I call our pastor and share with Him.  I did and I explained to Him that I had been wondering for a long time what it was like to hear Him speak.  Once I found His Voice I had a desire for more.

The more I hear the more I desire to hear.  There is so much to my spiritual journey and so many personal revelations that I may not remember them all.  I believe with every ounce of me that is why He is calling me to write out everything He reveals.  They are gifts but they are to be shared.  They are not just for me, they are for all my sisters.   I don't know what He wants to do with the revelations and writings but I have promised to do my best to reveal in such a way that it is clear.  I want nothing more than each of my fellow Christians to be able to hear His Voice.

I no longer feel "weird" when I talk about how He speaks to me.  I have found that it is more common that we realize.  The more I surround myself with others that hear, the more I realize I am not alone and that it is something we all have a desire to experience.  We can all experience it.  Then again, it's okay if people think I'm weird.

He listens and...

My prayer for you my reader is that you find your still quite place and seek His face.  I pray that you begin to see the things that are unseen and that God reveals to you the world through His lens.

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