He Speaks to Me (part 1)

Sunday, June 15, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I haven't always been a seeker of my Fathers face.  I have not always been a listener.  I doubt my story is much different than many.  It could be your story.  You could be now, where I was...I was a prayer.  I did pray but seeking His face and being a listener for His Voice puts you on a whole other playing field.  For the next few days, I am going to share with you my personal journey.  My prayer is that you will catch that you can become a seeker and a listener too.
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I had a pastor friend from my childhood ask me before my husband and I were married, "How is your walk?" I stuttered for a second and then said, "I'm sorry, what do you mean?"  He reply, "Your walk with Jesus, how is your walk?" My heart pounded and I turned red, my walk...what walk?  I replied, "Oh, good.  Its good!"  With that response, he knew it was not good.  He encouraged me to find a church home and to keep in touch and let him know more about my journey.  We talked for a few minutes, he had to decline to come to Georgia from where ever he was then and marry us.

When I began to raise my family, I remember trying to take my babies and husband to church.  I remember the struggle all to well.  My sweat husband just did as I wanted and got ready for church, we got the baby ready and we went to the same church my grandmother and family had gone to for years.  The baby would cry each time in the nursery so after a while we stopped going because knowing my baby was crying out weighed my desire to be in the church pew.

Years past and my husband and I had been trying for baby number 2.  It was the longest I had ever tried for anything.  My desire to have another baby was bigger than my desire to give up on all the treatments and disappointment.  So, we kept trying.  Eventually a night came in January where I laid out on my bed with the hottest tears in my eyes I think I'd ever had and I did something I had never done before.  I gave my first baby back to God.  We had never dedicated him to a church and that night I dedicated him back to God.  It wasn't because I thought I should, it was simply because I felt so helpless trying to raise that sweat child of mine and I worried all the time.  I worried about everything and even things that weren't things at all, things that would never happen but they were all in my head and I just could not worry anymore.  My worry was becoming bigger than me, my desire to be a good mother out weighed my desire to do it alone.  My prayer was...
"God I can not do it anymore!  I think I will always be afraid of not being able to protect him from everything in this life.  I have got to have You be in my place where I can not be.  I need You God to step in be sufficient in this boys life where I am not.  He is yours.  You trusted me with Him but I can not do it alone."
God listens...
even when you don't.

My prayer for you is that you give all your worry to Him.  Even if you can't hear Him, he wants to take away what is burdening you and free you from that weight.  If you can do that then He will take it and in doing so you will trust Him more and more.  He is listening.  He is waiting on you.

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