Write So You Won't Forget

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I was busy this morning making beds, collecting laundry, wiping down bathrooms, you know the stuff I always say I should do.  Yes, I was actually doing it, but as I started down the steps I heard a small voice say...
"Why are you so busy?  stop, Stop, STOP!"

I turned on my heels and went back upstairs, laid out on my neatly made bed and held my Bible.  I closed my eyes and turned my focus on that voice.  God wanted to know my heart. He wanted me to say out loud why I was so busy, too busy.  So, I confessed that I am afraid of the changes He has been making in my life.  While I get excited about seeing His works, I am a little afraid of the unknown.  Truly, I am lost on His plans for me.  I know He has them.  Jeremiah 29:11 has become a popular verse around me lately.  So, I asked Him to show me His plans.  I want Him to plant a seed in me that will grow as a dream and turn into my purpose.

As I was praying I asked that He showed me in His word and I opened my Bible.  Immediately my eyes fell to a little box in my Bible with a little green title that said : God Prevails in His Plans.
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21
At that moment my heart cried, "I have a God that is real, and BIG, and all in my life.  I've asked Him to start revealing His plan for me.  Slowly throughout the day He has unwound it for me.  He's given me direction and first steps.

I noticed in my journal from back in April that I had written a message from Him that was on my heart after reading Haggai 2: 18 & 19.
"Come back to Me.  My Spirit will bless you.  I will remove chaos.  I have a job for you to do.  You can not be trusted with this job unless you stay close to me.  Talk to me in everything you do.  Do not become distracted.  Do not forget.  I have called you to serve many but you are weak and afraid.  My children need You now more than ever. Write so you won't forget and seek My face daily!"
That journal entry was the last one written until I opened the book today.  See, God forced me to go back and see it.  My computer that I had been journaling on had failed and I grabbed the one I write in from time to time.  For weeks, it is obvious that He has been giving me instructions to write.

So the rest of today's story goes....

I'm working on a book.
I'm writing it even if no one reads it because it was given to me to write.
I'm doing this because He is telling me it must be done.
I have found that if I say "I can't" He makes it possible.

About a month ago I told a friend about my little project and how I just couldn't bring myself to turn it into a book.  She asked why.  I had no real answer. My answer was that I didn't have time and that I was a little afraid of being so bold.  Two weeks ago a blog reader messaged me and asked if I had my project in a book format that could be downloaded and sadly I said "no".  Last week that project landed in my Inbox in a book format and I was too afraid to see it until 3 nights ago, I finally opened it and I just smiled.  I'm so humbled that someone would love my work enough to do that for me.  I'm more humbled that my Father thought it was worthy enough to put it on someone's heart to take that next step for me.  The monthly requests from a publisher have never stopped since my first inquiry 2 years ago.  Tonight, my husband said "I know you didn't want to publish, you told me a long time ago you didn't want to."  I promise if it were up to me, I would not dream that big.

So, here's how I look at it.  God is clearly calling me to do more.  I'm not a gifted writer, I just enjoy spilling out things that are in my head and on my heart.  I am a lover of books.  I love books and reading them!  So, I guess I will roll with it and maybe take a few extra steps to see what happens next.  I feel like this project is His anyway.  It never was mine.

I'm a little overwhelmed with all the clues and gifts He's given me today.

"Write so you won't forget."

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  1. Very excited for all God is doing in you and will do through you.


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