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For years, even before we had children, James and I wanted to adopt.  It was something we "wanted" to do. We had talked about it years before we even were married.  Since we married in March of 2001 we have had the privilege of becoming the earthly parents of 3 amazing boys.  Our youngest is almost 7 and  our oldest is 12 today , we can't believe the years have flown by.  In the last year, God has started opening our hearts.

If you could feel the petals of a flower open, that's what our hearts feel like.  It's not just about "wanting" an addition to our family, it has become increasingly about rescuing our daughter.  It's about becoming vulnerable.  It's about allowing others to enter into what is sacred and exam us.  It's about doing what is necessary in order to fulfill our purpose.  Just like an opening flower.  If we had to rescue one of our own boys, we would stop at nothing to bring them home.  Tears streamed down my face at the thoughts when I said "that's how I feel about bringing our daughter home."

About a month ago I had a real talk with God on the issue because the feeling  in my heart was growing but I wanted to be sure He had planted that seed there to grow.

 Without vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

So, I wanted to know, what God's vision was for us.  I wanted Him to plant that seed and nurture it.  In the midst listening for Him I was overwhelmed by a sense of urgency.  In a still, small voice I heard..."You have 8 months to prepare.  Prepare your home, finances, relationships, and family because I'm bringing her to you."  Obviously, with that sense of urgency you don't want to sit back and "wait".  When He gives you a vision of your life with a daughter to raise, your feet start moving.  Your mouth starts speaking and your heart starts listening because HE is leading you to her.  Don't think I didn't get out my calendar and look to see what 8 months out looked like...December of 2014.

I told James I don't look at other people's little girls and think "I wish I had one." My heart doesn't ache with "wanting", it's so much different.  It is simply a sense of urgency to protect our child.  I believe with all my heart she is has not been born.  I believe with all my heart that we are to pray for her birth mother daily to continue to make the important decisions for her growing baby with lots of love, care, and thought.  I believe with all my heart that our daughter has a place here in our lives.  I believe with all my heart that we are to raise her up as a child of His so that she can grow to be a Proverbs 31 woman and see the world through His eyes.  She will be compassionate, honest, caring, spunky, and a difference maker.  She will be a dreamer, creative, intelligent, and a worker.  She will rock our world.

We are going to be making a bit of a mess to bring her home and at the same time lining up things in our lives that need to be taken care of.  God is providing the way to bring her home.  We are trusting Him in every move we make.  We asking for guidance from Him, wisdom, and the means.  He is her provider now and forever, we are to be her caretakers, her love, her open arms, her hugs, her discipline, her warmth, her security, her safety, and her everything.

Please be in prayer for us as we embark on this journey to bring her home.  Any support we receive will simply fuel our fire and fan our flames.  Please visit my etsy boutique (click the image above)  to purchase patterns and handmade items to help increase our adoption fund.

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