Portion Control? Counting Calories? What's that?

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The thing that I love most about what I do is that it forces me to increase myself while I "decrease" myself.  So many times we run to a "magic pill" for help or answers to our weight problem and have no desire to learn more about how we gained the weight to begin with.  With 72% of America being overweight, I think it's time that proper nutrition become the HOT TOPIC!  Diet, exercise, and supplementation is the way to go.
whole grain toast with no center, 1 egg, 1 egg white, mashed avocado, and fresh homemade salsa

Let's start with portion control...
I am constantly learning about portions and what is appropriate.  I had the mindset that if the food was healthy, it was fine to eat more.  Eating 2 large chicken breasts in one sitting was killing me.  When I got my scale out and actually portioned 4oz of chicken into baggies I was shocked but I'm so glad I did.  My little kitchen scale is becoming my BEST FRANNN!  Love her! She keeps me in check.  I mean, this girl grew up LOVING food and lots of it.  It eventually caught up with me.  Seriously, in our family we joke at get-togethers about needing sideboards on our plates to fit it all on there and the plates are platter size.

Counting Calories stinks...
There is this amazing little app and website called MyFitnessPal.com that I have loved for a long time.  It can help you count your calories for your meals, like the one above. Counting calories and measure food stinks.  It just does.  Who has time for that?  No one but you have to make a little time, it will keep you in check, help break old habits, and remember it's not just about calorie counting.  It's about balancing your protein, carbs, and fat.  This app actually gives you a graph to show you how you are doing.

Exercise?  UGH!
Seriously, just do it.  You will always be glad you did.  I told a friend this morning that I LOVE the idea of having muscles and I'm working on them but I just can't see them yet.  Which means...keep shredding fat.  I have lots to get rid of but I also have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat so if I'm lifting weights 6 days a week, that means I have to step off the scale.  Well, at least daily.  I girl still likes to check in and see how things are going but where muscle is concerned, it is give and take...constantly.  Building my cardio routine is killing me.  I'm trying to get in a better run and be able to go further a little faster so I'm striving for 5k a day with better time.  Baby steps!

These are my new favorite products to reduce swelling in my muscles and increase muscle growth because muscle repair and growth equal calories being burned.  I'm so excited about these to help with that at night.

So this is the results of a few weeks of working out.  I was PUMPED to get to wear this dress!  Weight did not change at all but my clothes were fitting much better than before.  YAY!


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Remember that portion control and measuring your food out for a time being helps you make better choices when you aren't at home.  I also love a colorful plate!   Because I love food, I love to "taste" many things but it doesn't mean I have to have it all.

Tell me...what do you do to help with calories and portions?

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