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Monday, April 28, 2014 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

why aimée avant boutique?

aimée avant means, "loved her before"and Aimee is my name.
The meaning behind the shoppe is dedicated to our future is our story.

Years ago I started sewing. My craft began mostly with diaper bags and handbags and that little business took off. After having our 3rd son I decided to put up the sewing machine and rest my tired fingers for awhile. Then I became obsessed with sewing again and dusted off my machine, pulled out the fabric and began sewing smaller shoes. I became even more obsessed with perfecting my craft and patterns. I offered my patterns for free and gave my baby shoes away as gifts.

Recently I realized that my hearts desire and my hobby have collided. For years my husband and I have believed that we will one day bring our daughter home through adoption. God has expanded our hearts and we are moving our feet to bring her home in 2014. As I was making baby shower gifts I started getting requests for the shoes I was making. I don't do well with orders or requests but I do love what I make with a passion. I believe every new mommy deserves something she can cherish and put away that is handmade and unique.

With each purchase from this shop, all profits are going towards our adoption fund. You are purchasing an item that has had a great deal of time, love, and beautiful materials put into it. Each one is unique and will not be repeated. They are all only available for newborn to 3 months.

Nothing brings me more pleasure that making someone smile with something I created with my hands. Please share our tiny little store with friends and family so we can more quickly bring our baby girl home.
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aimée avant boutique

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  1. Awww! Your products are really cute. I think any first time or expecting moms would be delighted to buy your products as they’re very cute and whimsical. I love those baby shoes. They are just simply to die for. Anyway, good luck with your business! :D

    Tommy Crowe @ Next Up Marketing & Entertainment


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