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When my baby brother was 13 months old, in 1981, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I can not imagine what that was like for my mother and my brother...my goodness.

So, my whole life I have lived around Diabetes.  It is a very familiar word and seems normal, as if it is just a part of life.

Sadly, when I became pregnant with my first baby I found out I had Gestational Diabetes and then after baby number 3, it didn't go away.  I beat myself up for years because this was something I could help, this was something my brother could not.  I felt like there was no excuse for letting my body get so out of whack.

Through our lives my brother and I have used such products as Sweet-n-Low, Equal, NutraSweet, straight up aspartame and many other sweeteners.  It wasn't until Splenda came along that we felt we had something safe.  In an ideal world, we would love to be able to sweeten things with sugar or honey...straight from nature.  Our reality is that we depended on science to find an answer and science did.  I believe nature provides what we need and I also believe that God gave man intelligence and the ability to manipulate his "periodic table of contents", for good and for bad.

One of my favorite documentaries is "Food Matters" because they talk about nutrition as being so vital to our health and that includes supplementation.  It opened my eyes to the real harm we are doing to our bodies. At the same time I began hearing world class doctors talk about "sucralose" and that it actually is safe.  So, I started wondering why all the fuss about a product that has been a God send for my brother and I and my 4 year old nephew...who are among millions!

The truth is...sugar kills more people every year due to poor health and obesity than society cares to admit...yet, we don't bash sugar even if it's from fruit.

The truth is...that researchers have gone out of their way to develop such projects because they themselves wanted something safe for people in their families who could not eat sugar.

The truth is...competing artificial sweetener companies like to spread non-truths at the top of ever search engine because they can.

The truth is...Splenda was a blessing to me and I am happy to see the yellow packet on my restaurant table...even though I only drink water now.

You can read more about how sucralose was discovered, how it works in our body, and what actually happens when you use it...here.

You can read about it's safety...here.

Does it cause cancer?...Find out here at Cancer.gov.

Who says different?  Apparently defective studies.

While I realize this is a simple blog and to the science world I am nobody.  I am special.  I am special because my entire life I will always be searching for something to better my health and I will be researching it before putting it in my body.

Everyone needs to educate themselves on what is best but don't stop at Google, go deep and look at research if you are truly concerned.  MeMe's on Facebook are not research.  I think you might just be surprised to find that the "natural" means of sweetening your food, is not actually natural at all and are processed to the point that it is no longer what God intended anyway and is no longer safe.

How's my health today?  I'm currently medication free because of healthy lifestyle choices, cleaner eating, supplementation, and exercise.  I have reversed the clock and taken back my health.  I have lost a significant amount of weight and my blood work has been coming back AMAZING since adding supplements to my diet to fix the nutritional deficient that was my TRUE problem to begin with.

I started becoming more concerned about what was in my "hamburger" from the worlds largest fast food chain, I started questioning when products said "healthy" really large on the labels, I started simplifying.  I have eliminated almost all sugar and sweeteners that are not in fruits and still I limit those.

I wrote this post because I'm so tired of seeing people pass around false information and question why I do what I do and why I encourage others to do the same.  So, if anyone disagrees with my findings and my opinions...please walk ONE day in my past shoes! Or how about 5 minutes in my brothers and nephews.  PLEASE!

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