Battle the Winter Blues

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I'm a woman who battles the blues when the weather starts getting cold and the skies stay grey.  I also feel that all source of energy has been sucked from my body if I don't do something about it.  I sleep longer, I'm grumpy, I think about naps, the couch looks comfy, my laundry piles up, my dishwasher goes unloaded, my sink fills up, my beds are never made, and the list goes on and on. Here is what I have found that works for me.

OH my...a breath of fresh air in the morning and happy, vibrant energy to make me feel amazing!

Spark: Any flavor is my breath of fresh works!
  It clears the cob webs and is like a windshield wiper for my eyes.

Catalyst: Is my muscle fuel.  It preps my body for fat burning.
No more yoyo dieting for me...ever again!

MNS Max E: The heavens open and angels sing all day!
This is my will power in a box and my all day source of natural energy.

Years ago I had gone into one of those XYZ box vitamin stores and asked for help.  They sent me home with over $100 in products and a Gold Membership!  I needed energy and help losing weight.  Last fall, I found almost all of that stuff in the back of a cabinet.  It didn't work.

I'm so glad I found something that did & it was guaranteed to work or I got my money back.
XYZ Store would not do the same for me...

This is not a sales pitch because I personally don't care if you ever buy any of these products.  This is just girl to girl, mom to mom, wife to wife, telling you what I've found.
AND if you do love it, you can get your own discount too, like I did!

You can do one or all but if you think you aren't absorbing nutrients then you might need one of these first.  A gentle (&uneventful) Herbal Cleanse...I've had people tell me they don't absorb B-vitamins and have to take shots for them.  Ugh...that stinks.  Just get the gunk off of your intestines and open up the gateway for absorption and your body will also say AAAHH!

I read a really great article today which prompted me to write this post.

Here are the 7 signs you might be low on what your body needs:
  1. You have been diagnosed with an illness of any kind.
  2. You are having symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, peeling nails, or bumpy skin on the back of your arms, to name just a few. Or you have symptoms your doctor can’t figure out.
  3. You've been a vegan or vegetarian for many years and might be low in B12 and zinc.
  4. You don’t eat many fruit and vegetables.
  5. You’ve had a lot of stress for a long time. If so, your body needs more Bs and minerals than usual, since stress causes you to burn through these nutrients quickly.
  6. You have digestive issues, or if you’re taking an antacid or proton pump inhibitor, you might not be absorbing your vitamins very well, and therefore need to supplement with higher amounts to get them into your body.N
  7. You are hypothyroid, and you have a higher need for the minerals zinc, selenium, and maybe iodine.
You can read the full article here at MINDBODYGREEN

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