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This week a friend of mine received a phone call that she never wanted to receive.  Her baby brother who has been serving in Afghanistan stepped on a land mine while on patrol with his unit.  I have signed up to run my very first race in November with his sister to help raise money for this organization that has been so gracious and dear to Jason and his family.  Visit the Wounded Warrior Project page and sponsor me please.  Just a dollar or two will go a long way if many are willing to support us.

Here is News 9's report on Specialist Jason Smith
Ringgold Soldier Injured In Afghanistan
July 27, 2012 1:01pm
by Karen Zatkulak

A 27-year-old soldier with strong ties to Ringgold is recovering, after stepping on a land mine.  Specialist Jason Smith was serving in Afghanistan, when he was hit on Wednesday.
Smith wasn't born in Northwest Georgia, but went to high school there.  His family still lives in Ringgold, and says when they got word that he'd been hurt, they were just grateful he's alive.

His sister Shannon Rominger tells us, "I think he's my hero, but he'll say I'm not a hero, I was just doing what I was supposed to do."

Specialist Jason Smith has dedicated nearly four years of his life to the Army.  He served in Korea, then Afghanistan.  It was there on Wednesday, that his family in Ringgold learned he'd been hit.  His older sister tells us, "He was on patrol that evening there and stepped on a land mine, and all they told us was that they had to amputate both legs at the knees, and he had fractures in both hands and his right arm."

Rominger says it's the call you never want,  but is always in the back of your head.  "The first thing you think is are they alive, or are they coming to tell you he's gone, but he is alive, and we will all be here to help him."

She tells us their family moved to Ringgold when they were kids.  She and her brother graduated from high school there, and the community has already stepped up to show their support of their hero.  Rominger says her brother's strength and sense of humor will get him through his injuries.  "He always makes everyone laugh and he was keeping the morale high with everyone, he joked around."

She says they finally got to talk to him on Friday for the first time.  Smith sounded positive and he was full of jokes.  Rominger says the 27-year-old father, son, and brother won't let what was taken, stop his serving spirit.  "I don't think it will hold him back at all."

Smith has a three and a half year old son.  His family hopes he'll be moved to a U.S. hospital sometime in the next few days.

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