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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

So, I realized the other day that I hadn't blogged in over a month.  Oops!  Hey, it's summer time and I am enjoying every second before I have to go back to work. 

The one thing I have not faltered on is my running, every other day sometimes more; rain or shine. 

In three more days I will have completed the Couch to 5k program and will be starting the 10k version...actually, I started the 10k version which is exactly the same until the end of the 8th week.  :)  So, I have set my goal a little further.

The other thing I am trying is Advocare.  A friend of mine has been a representative for the company since last fall and I finally bucked up and purchased the 24 Day Challenge.  I am terrible at challenges like these because I get tired of the routine...however it is paying off.  Halfway through I had already lost 10.5" and 6.5 pounds.  I realize the pounds aren't dropping but I also have much more muscle tone than in the past so let's just focus on the amazing 10.5" lost.   LOST and hopefully never ever to be found by anyone ever again.

I did a little shopping and altered some clothing because yes I am a size smaller.  Just one size...ONE SIZE SMALLER is awesome because the next thing is TWO sizes smaller. 

My doctor was thrilled at my last appointment because my A1C has dropped over a half point.  Let me be honest, I am terrible at taking meds (shots) specifically.  So, I slacked off a bit on the shots and still my blood sugars have stayed down on their own.  That alone is a win!  Doc has been very happy. 

Let's see...Oh, I read the 50 Shades Trilogy.  When I bought the first one I had no idea how raunchy it was going to be and I was appalled.  It just wasn't what I expected.  I really am oblivious to stuff like that or very naive.  But the funny thing is, I ended up reading all three because the story was quite good and I did find that I really got sick of all the kinky sex every other page so I skipped through those parts after awhile.  I really think she could have written the book and left that part out and it still would have been a good read.  It just made me glad I never got hooked on any of the other most recent trends in the book world. 

Basically, things have been uneventful.  I keep taking pictures of stuff I want to share or blog about but I am running out of time all the time to do real life stuff. 
I wish I could do better but I can barely get my laundry put away. 

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