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Saturday, April 14, 2012 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

A few weeks ago my boys received a letter in the mail stating they were part of a sticker club.  It was one of those things my husband loves to call a "Pyramid Scheme" of sorts.  My sons gets a letter from a friend that requires a pack of stickers to be sent to another child on the club letter and then we mail out 6 letters to a friends of each of my sons requesting stickers and you get the idea.  It sounded really fun! 

So, instead of doing what the original letter asked and copying a copy of a letter that has been copied 100's of times, I just typed another one up that can be downloaded straight from this website.  So, no more copying!  Are you ready to start your kiddo/s in a really cool club?  Click the image to download the letter!


  1. That is SO fun. I remember doing that when I was a kid. I'm not surprised it's still around, so much better than a chain letter!

  2. Anyway this letter can be done for adults.  This is a great idea for kids,, but I think for those that use stickers for cards, scrap booking, ect. it would be a great idea also....

  3. Thanks for posting the letter! We got a copy in the mail that had been photocopied so many times it was hard to read. Since it's easier to print rather than photocopy I decided to check online to see if anyone had posted a version and I found yours.
    Thank you :)


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