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Sunday, March 11, 2012 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

I will be writing another article soon for a local publication and I had this idea...what advice would the working mom give to the stay at home mom about cherishing the time they have with their babies?  What do you feel that you miss as a working mom?  Have you always worked?  Did you stay home for awhile?  I personally have gone back to work recently and it has traumatically changed the dynamics of our home.  What I miss are the mornings I can send my babies off to school with a prayer, words of encouragement and lots of kisses.  I would encourage moms to relish in those little moments of parting, of sending your babies of into the world as their own little selves.  That is the bit of advice I would give.  What advice would you give?


  1. I went back to work when my youngest was two years old after being home since the birth of my first child. The most important thing is to make sure that you have care for your children that you can trust. We had a wonderful day care that was very supportive and helpful--the director even kept my son in her home for a couple of days when we had to go out of state for my mother's funeral.
    As your children get older let them come to work with you or help with your work if they can. I was teaching at the time they were growing up and the girls loved to help with bulletin boards, grade sections of quizzes that were T/F, etc. My children are grown now and two of them are teachers and the other one is a nanny. :) 
    Be organized at home. Plan meals, have chore charts for the children, buy in bulk, etc. Try to leave work at work as much as possible and concentrate on the family while you are at home.

  2. p.s.phyllis sewsMonday, March 12, 2012

    Because I had only one child, I wanted to work in the home so that she would learn to share her mother. I taught piano lessons for years before heading out to work when she was in 4th grade. It was Traumatic mostly for me. I liked being my own boss and I was easily stressed out over the hours when they were different from her schedule. It took changing jobs and several moves before I landed the job that worked best for our situation which had evolved to my being a single parent for 4 years! We became quite a team during those years which were her high school years and I believe we are closer than many moms and daughters because of that. God was gracious to lead me where I needed to go and He blessed us with tuition remission programs that are helping to finish her undergraduate study.

  3. p.s.phyllis sewsMonday, March 12, 2012

    Oops, you asked for advice. I guess my advice is to follow God's lead, especially if you are a believer. Some of the offers you have may not be the best for your family so be careful that what you take is what you believe to be the best for your family.

  4. I work full time and travel with my work.  I am also a graduate student at KU earning my MBA.  I have a wonderful  husband and 11 year old son. If you want to communicate on this subject, I can be contacted at

  5. Don't expect to be perfect at both.  It is a myth that you can "have it all"  I have always worked and my husband stays home.  I have found that you need to be flexible and make priorities.  You can't do everything, so just make sure you are doing the MOST important things.

  6. I couldn't choose.... so I became a certified babysitter (special job in france) in which I stay at home (my home) and care for babies that parents bring to my house... I'm home, I work, I can still drive my own kids at school and back home, and I play with the babies all day long (I even take a nap with them! so relaxing!) and I'm paid.... now of course, I don't have much time to go out with friends, don't had a lot of adult talk since the kids are toddlers...BUT.... I've found a certain balance... for now, that's what is important! hopefully the Bible is full of good advices, beginning by the fact to rest a day a the end of the week: prepare in advance, do absolutely nothing on Sundays (no cooking, no cleaning, just relax and have fun with the kids and husband!) you'll feel better on Mondays!

  7. I realize I'm a bit late in reading this post, but thought I'd share my 2 cents. 

    I'm a working mom, always have been.  I struggle with mommy guilt like any other mom, especially like most working moms.  But I supply our family with 2/3 of our income.  I also show my children that, while challenging at times, it is possible to balance work and family.  

    My kids will not know life any other way, I know this.  They go to private Christian school and have MANY friends with SAHMs, which makes my guilt stronger.  I have to remember, though that we're doing the best job we can in raising our children in a loving way, and God is in control.  (Praise Him for that!)

    I hope things are going well with you back at work.


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