Day 27: Love Knows Self-Control

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As you know by now if you are doing this 40 Day Challenge with me, I go to my Laundry Room for guidance.  I don't go enough!  At times, I think God guides me through my challenges and posts through experience and situations that arise, scriptures that are read, etc...but, other times His voice is clear and He can change my direction.

Head: Tonight while I was in my laundry room before I started folding, I asked God to help me stay focused.  As you may already know, I talk out loud to God and we work together on the situations at hand.  Tonight I was caught off guard a little because it was His speaking that opened my eyes.  As I was asking for guidance on a particular topic I wanted to discuss and God said...
I can not control your actions.  You are in control of everything thing you do.  I give you free will and the knowledge to make the decisions I expect of you and it is your responsibility to act as I would expect you to. 
I came to realize that God makes up our every fiber.  That is why He is with us, he knows our hearts, our minds, every hair on our head. (Matthew 10:30)  He made us from the very second we were conceived, knows us in and out.  He is more mysterious than anything we can imagine.  He can be so small and so big at the same time.  As God has made every molecule in our body, every cell function at his demand, he has made us whole.  As a whole we work together as family's, communities, societies, countries, etc.  There comes a point in our make-up that God gives up control, He has given us free will.  Please don't be mistaken.  He can step in at any second and change our direction and even the function of every cell in our body.  Ultimately, he loves us deeper than we can imagine and wants the best for us.

We don't always know the reasons that some bodies don't work as we expect, why people suffer in the ways that they do, why evil is let to run so lose in our world.  That is when we have to put our trust, our faith in our Lord God.  That he in the blink of an eye can heal our wounds, bring us Home, or stop our suffering.  We don't have to ask why.  It may be our human nature to want to know but we don't have to know.  That being said, God did speak to me on self-control.  At a moment during our conversation, I thought He might be changing the plans but it was later while I was studying and letting him guide me that I realized he was teaching me about Self-Control so that I could share with you.  He also wanted me to share with you that in all times, He is there to speak to you when you need him too.  Tonight, I needed Him to help me with Self-Control.

Heart: Why Self-Control?  It is the next step in the study on the Marriage Mountain.  The Marriage Mountain is of God and not something I have come up on my own and I strive to understand it as well.  Self-Control is where I lose my footing, it's were I stumble and fall.  It's where my wounds happen and they are usually deep and take time to heal.  Not always for myself but also my husband.  Lack of self-control is why my husband expects certain responses from me in certain situations.  He knows I can lose my temper or all control all too easily.

God spoke to me tonight to let me know this is my own personal issue.  This may not be yours, you may be steady and calm.  I am not, I am wound tight.  First let me explain about God speaking,  God speaks and storms stop.  There is always a storm it my marriage it seems lately.  It might just be a couple of clouds hanging around but lately, there have been storms surrounding my mountain.  God is working on us, and on me.
Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm. Job 38:1
I know the Lord speaks to me out of my storms.  Tonight was the perfect example.  Little affection from my husband, and little towards him.  It took one moment of "wind" to send me smacking at his arm.  Which he didn't appreciate because I did it in anger, I wasn't playing around.  See, lack of Self-Control.  

The lesson of Job is a deep one, I encourage you read Job 38:1-41.  In the story, God reminds Job that He is the mighty God who marked the dimensions of the earth, fixed the limits of the sea and blanketed the sky with clouds.  Jobs friends had grappled with the question of suffering.  Why do people suffer?  Isn't God there?  Has the one suffering displeased God?  The same God that made us and the world we lived on is the God they dared to question.  The dared to bring God down to their level.  God spoke and showed them how much bigger and magnificent where his ways than their ways.

In the midst of God's glory, Job gained proper perspective and so should we.  We should use the knowledge that God gave us to have better self-control.  When we hear God speak and remember his glory, we know our sufferings are not in vain.  Wait for God, the one who gave "orders to the morning" (Job 38:12) to speak with you in the midst of the storm.
Hands:  A Reflection
  1. When you suffer or struggle, whom do you tend to talk to?
  2. Has any human philospher, speaker or writer been able to comfort you when you've suffered?
  3. Does it comfort you to know that while God is powerful enough to create the vast universe, he is interested enough to speak to you personally?
  4. In order to gain Self-Control, you must listen for God's guidance daily.  Keep a journal or make notes for yourself as reminders of what God tells you.
"Absolutely everything that can happen to us-good, bad or indifferent - God knows and cares about."  Thelma Wells

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