Day 7: Ham-BUG-ers with Helping Little Hands

Saturday, May 07, 2011 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Hi, I'm Polly from Helping Little Hands where I share all sorts of crafts and sewing projects as well as fun activities for kids and many of our favorite children's books.  I'm excited to be part of the Summer Soiree!  When Aimee asked me about it, I knew just what I wanted to do...something with BUGS!  My kids love looking for bugs in the big field behind our house during the summer. 
And what better way to explore them, than eating some of your own Ham-BUG-ers.

We also love reading a lot of picture books, so this activity was inspired by a book.  Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs by Megan McDonald.  I wasn't quite brave enough to try some of the dishes in the book, but Ham-BUG-ers was an easy sell with the kids.

We started making our own hamburger buns several months ago, and once you try it, you'll never want to go back!  Making them into bugs while we're at it, is super simple and fun for the kids.  I just use regular whole wheat bread dough.  I make mine at home, but you could easily use regular white bread dough or buy the dough from the store.
Shape the dough into a large ball and a small ball for each bug.  (And remember it rises...I should have made mine a bit smaller.)

After it's risen just a bit, use a knife to slice bug markings into the large ball.  Let it rise a bit more.

Bake according to recipe directions.  Slice in half and fill with plenty of bug guts.

Add some raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes.
And serve.
This one goes straight for her favorite parts...

And to top things off, you might consider serving bug larvae pudding topped with ants and the momma bug for dessert.  I used some extra dough to make the mama bugs and topped them off with cinnamon-sugar.  The pudding is arroz con leche (rice pudding) with a few raisins.  Delicious!

If you're interested in other activities to go along with books too keep reading extra fun this summer, be sure to check out my browsable archive of children's books activities.


  1. Almost UnschoolersSaturday, May 07, 2011

    This is wonderful! I'm going to have to do it soon.

  2. Hahaha - the pudding is a nice touch. I'll bet the kids love this meal!


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