It's not a Slingshot, it's a Flip

Saturday, April 23, 2011 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

The boys and I took a walk and ended up at my Granny's house a field over from ours.  We were out looking for an idea for a ladder for Coopers bunk bed redo or something that we could salvage and use.  No luck but we knew Granny would have Ice Cream and probably cones to go with it so we stopped for a visit.

After the eating of all the Ice Cream.  Granny told Cooper that he left his "Flip" the last time he was there and he had NO idea what she was talking about.  She told him where it was and he came back into the kitchen, held it out in front of him and said..."THIS?"  Yep, that was what she meant.  Cooper looked at it and then said, "It's called a Slingshot." 

"When I was a little girl it was called a Flip." Granny informed him.

She said that the last time he was there she was watching him try to use it and he couldn't get the rocks through the slot.  She said come on, I'll show you how.  So, my 83 year old grandmother and oldest son walked outside and started hunting rocks, looking for the right size.  She found a few, set them in the Flip, pulled back and nailed the garbage can.  I ALMOST DIED I tell you.  20 years ago I wouldn't have been a bit surprised but to see that lady, pull a slingshot back and let it rip was AWESOME!

So, Cooper and I started looking for the right sized rocks while, Jake and Evan were jumping up and down screaming," let me try, let me try".  We all gave it a try until we saw my husband drive by in the truck.  We decided we'd better head home and on the walk back, I had to give Cooper a SERIOUS lecture about what not to aim at like small birds, dogs, cats, windows, cars, brothers....

My son no longer has a child's toy, Granny taught him well and now he has a weapon!  

What was even sweeter was that she made it a point to tell the kids "that's how David killed the giant."  Cooper said, "You mean Goliath?"  She said, "Yeah I think he used a different kind of sling and 5 smooth stones."  

What a sweet moment we have shared with my Granny.  We hugged and kissed her and left her enjoying the cool afternoon sitting on a porch step. 


  1. Beautiful! She sounds like my kinds granny! My granddaughter came to visit us this weekend for the first time, she is 2 months old, and I spent a whole bunch of time wondering what things I will be able to teach her!

  2. Awe! That's so sweet. You'll be teaching her more than you can imagine.

  3. Aimee, I just loved this post!
    My grandmother passed away before she had the chance to meet my (now) two year old son. But I can just imagine her teaching him a similar 'skill'. Your boys are very blessed to have your grandmother in their lives. I hope they treasure her as much as you obviously do!

  4. That is so sweet! If my Grandma were still alive, I'm sure she would have done the same thing! I miss my Grandma so much. If she had ever gotten to meet my kids, she would absolutely ADORE them. It's amazing how big an impact, Grandma's and great Grandma's have on us :D Thanks for sharing the special moment your family had.

  5. Awe, thanks. Grandma's are so special and Papaw and Granddaddy's too. I miss my Papaws. I love them so much and can't wait to see them again.

  6. This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you Ann! We are very blessed for sure.


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