Kids (and you) Eat Healthier With The Help of EasyLunchBoxes

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Let me tell you about a product that I found, that I love.   Remember this post, DIY Lunchables, where I expressed my frustration with packing lunches and finding the right container?  I resorted to "Lunchables" (sigh).  Well, as a parent and teacher of 3 & 4 year old little boys and girls, I had set out on a quest to find the perfect lunch box container.

I am lucky enough to teach at my youngest and middle boys playschool and so the problem I had with lunches was their teachers problem too.  Too many baggies to open, unhealthy foods because they are prepackaged, and those other boxes I mentioned previously were bulky and messy with their flaps and compartment lids knocking over milk cups.

For several years I let my oldest child eat lunch at school.  It was cheap and hot.  He really liked them too.  It was no wonder.  School districts all over the United States are making claims that they are giving kids a balanced more healthy lunch.  I'm sure they are trying and requiring kids to put a certain types of food on their plate is a good idea.  However, they still just eat what they want on their plates, healthy or not.

Now my oldest prefers to take his lunch and I know what is in it, how much he is eating and because he helps choose his lunch, he is learning to make better choices early.  All thanks to EasyLunchBoxes.

I went on a search and found Easy Lunch Boxes.  I fell head over heels in LOVE!  The size is perfect for the kids and for me.  I can fill the compartments with a healthy lunch my kids love and they also help me portion control my own.  Not only is the product perfect for our needs, there are so many other great things to say about them.  The are FDA approved, BPA free, PVA free, no phthalates, lead or vinyl.  They also fit perfectly in the lunchboxes you can purchase from Easy Lunch Boxes as well.  I can stack 3 containers in one lunch box.   Another plus, they fit in the lunch boxes we have as well.

You might look at them and say they are comparable to the Ziploc containers.  They are NOT, EasyLunchBoxes  plastic is sturdy and does not warp in the dishwasher.  The lids don't crack when opening and these beautiful babies will last.  Trust me, I've tried both.

The price is perfect.  My husband first bawked at the price for plastic containers but he had no idea what we were spending on cheapo versions of similar products, plastic baggies, sandwich boxes and small containers.  It feels good to know I am investing in a product that is safe and will last well past the cost of investment.

OH and you know what else I love.  I was making sandwiches for an entire week and freezing them by recommendation of a friend.  It made things easy to do that but I was using TONS of bags.  Now, I can pop a sandwich in my EasyLunchBox container and pop the container in the freezer.  When it is time to construct a full on lunch, I pull it out and pop in fresh veggies and dip, fruit, etc.

image by Wendolonia.  Click to visit her review.

Here's what I love MOST!  When my boys go to school, the teacher does not have to help my littlest open his lunch.  No hard to open packaging or baggies like before.  He can open his lunch box himself and start eating his healthy meal that I packed with love.  My oldest is pretty proud of the lunch he helped prepare and I know he's eating foods he loves that are healthy for him.  I throw in a quarter for milk and he's ready to go.  My middle child eats lunch with me.  We both sit and compare lunches and talk about what is good and share with each other.  I pack a bit of variety between the two of us and it is a feast that we both enjoy.

If you are like me, you need ideas and help.  Yet another reason I love this product.  (Can you tell I love it).  The EasyLuncBoxes Website not only sells the product, there is a page for FAQS, Neat Ideas, a Blog, the facebook page rocks with ideas on healthy eating and my favorite part is that when I had a comment/ question the owner, Kelly Lester, was VERY quick to reply.  My package also arrived within a matter of days after order...I love super fast shipping don't you?  I think you'll be sucked into the world of Bento style lunches with this product.  You'll love the freedom and versatility it offers.

Now, for the fun part for you.  You've read through this whole post about this product and EasyLunchBoxes and I want to give a set away to a lucky reader.

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