DIY Chair Cushions

Friday, January 14, 2011 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

This is a project that I purchased the supplies for last summer.  I purchased fabric at Hobby Lobby and then found one I loved better at Wal-Mart.  Who knew?  It is also soil resistant.

DIY Chair Cushion

  • 1/2 to 3/4 yard fabric per cushion
  • 2" foam cushion larger than the seat of your chair.
  • ribbon (optional) 36" per cushion

I started by cutting the foam for the chairs.  I tried my best to make the cushion curve like the chair.  I then used butcher paper to make my paper pattern for cutting my fabric.  I traced one of the foam pieces and then checked to make sure the paper pattern was symmetrical.

Next I cut the fabric for the seat using my paper pattern, I then measured all the way around the edge of the fabric to determine how long to cut the side piece.  I cut the strip 2.5" wide for my 2" foam piece.

  Starting from the back of the your cushion fabric, fold over one end of your strip about 1" and iron down, pin strip right sides together all the way around your first piece of cushion fabric.

 The above picture shows how the folded edge will look after the strip is sewn to the first piece of fabric.  It looks like a seam but is open so that you don't have to create a seam which can be time consuming and a pain if you don't get it right.

Cut and pin your ribbons to the back of your remaining cushion fabric.  I placed them 1/2" in from the corner and these ribbons are cut 9" each or you can make your own ties from the fabric you have on hand.

To make your own ties, cut 24" x 2" strip of fabric.  Iron edges in to the middle and fold in half.  Tuck in the end pieces and sew your seam down one side.

Pin and sew the remaining cushion fabric to the strip and leave a 6" opening.  Secure opening with repeated back stitches.  Turn out.  Roll up your cushion really tight to slip inside your opening.  Make sure the cushion is orientated in the right direction so that when it unrolls inside the cover it is correctly positioned.

Sew up the opening using a hidden stitch.  Just rock and push your needed from one side of fabric to the other.  This little project can be completed in just a few short hours.  It's easy and even a beginner can do this.

Now, go make some cushions and share your creations.


  1. Great tutorial!! I linked to it on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. Wonderful! I'm gathering items now to make mine. A project I've been putting off, but you've given me the motivation to get going. The chairs look so much nicer! Your cushions are great... if you want to make the foam the exact pattern, tear off a piece of butcher paper slightly larger than the seat, lay it on the seat, then press around the edges with your fingers to make a crease on the paper, then cut it out. I've trimmed my foam pattern about 1/2" smaller than the actual seat. Can't wait to get them done!

  3. Hi, what a wonder project!  Your cushions look so professional.  Where did you get your foam?  Is it high density?  I'm trying to find the best product for the least expensive price.  Thanks so much!

  4. Hi - I found a twin size convoluted foam mattress pad at a thrift store (brand new still in plastic) That I am getting ready to use for my chair cushions. Once I get one finished I will post a pic for you all to see.


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