To Light A Fire...

Thursday, December 30, 2010 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

Yesterday morning, I was sound asleep when I heard my doorbell.  I jumped up like a fire had been lit under me with 4 hours of sleep under my eyelids, threw on my robe and slowly made my way down the steps.  Slowly because my knees and ankles now hurt at the graceful age of 30 something.  My dear husband and I had been up until the wee morning hours getting ready for a few men to show up around noon to start sanding our floors.  Well, noon in someones book means 8 a.m. and not 12 p.m. 

As the nice gentlemen started getting busy, I started frantically picking up what was left on our floors to be put away, washed up dishes that were left and started packing.  It was shortly before noon when I was packing up our car...we've officially been kicked out.  My husband said he stopped by last night and they had taped off rooms that said, do not it IS official.

The kids and I headed to our retreat (a.k.a.  Mom and Dad's cabin).

This is the view that we have...

I curled up on their back porch (which is "screened in" with plexi-glass) on the overstuffed chair with my new Kindle.


–verb (used with object)
1. to start (a fire); cause (a flame, blaze, etc.) to begin burning.
2. to set fire to or ignite (fuel or any combustible matter).
3. to excite; stir up or set going; animate; rouse; inflame: He kindled their hopes of victory.
4. to light up, illuminate, or make bright: Happiness kindled her eyes.

What a perfect word for this amazing electronic device.
My husband tried talking me into an iPad.  I'm sure it is amazing in its own right and you can read books from it, but nothing I have ever seen compares with the readability of the Kindle.  Before it seems like I'm too proud, let me tell you why I'm in love with this thing...

The fall before last (2009), I started taking my Masters courses in Reading with my all time favorite professor ever, Dr. Amber Prince.  She was the first person that ever mentioned "Kindle" to me (well, all of us).  She talked about the possibilities of using such devices to teach others how to read and how they could be used in classrooms.  She was in awe and I went home talking about it.  Over a year later, my husband gave me a Kindle this Christmas.  I so badly want to share it with my professor... let me back up a bit.

This past fall, my professor past away from a brain tumor that was only discovered months earlier.  She had 5 students tucked carefully under her wing and I was one of them.  We were her "Reading Majors" and she was very proud of us.  We were sick with devastation when we heard of her sudden passing.  We had gone almost a month before she died not hearing a word or update about her progress or lack thereof.   I do however love knowing that she shared with us how she was in awe of God's timing.  

When I opened my Kindle, I immediately thought of her.

So, I am taking the time I always wish that I had to read.  Just yesterday I read.
Both Newberry Award Winners,
a list them can be found here
and I have started
which is free for your Kindle or Kindle App.

Talk about lighting a fire...who knew I had time to read?

Now, because I just can't stand it.
I have something exciting I want to share with you.
Here's a sneak peak.

I know it may not be too revealing but you'll love it when you see it.
Please stay tuned for the big reveal.
Hopefully, next week early I can publish this new and exciting little detail I am adding for your pleasure.  
It all depends on my new floors and when we can return to our home.

Now tell me, when was the last time God MADE you sit still and enjoy life's little pleasures?

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  1. A friend told me about your blog--love it! I also love my Kindle. The bright computer screens give me a headache, but the Kindle screen is JUST like a page out of a book!

  2. I love my kindle. My daughter just saved $65 on this quarter's text book; normally $120 it is only $65 on the kindle. I love reading on the kindle and agree about the readability. Your view looks amazing and hopefully your banishment from your home is all good.

  3. I just got a Kindle for Christmas from my husband and was completely surprised but really excited!

  4. Aimee,
    Your view looks amazing! Congratulations on the Kindle, and the time to read. I think I'll go read a little before bed.
    I'm planning to join you on Mission 52!

  5. Awesome view. Awesome gift. Enjoy them both!!


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