A Quilt I've Fallin' In Love With

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

I don't know how in the world I would have time to make this but the way this artist, "Oh, Fransson", has laid out the construction of the quilt, it seems possible.  It was originally produced as a "quilt along" project.  Take a look if you are a quilter and give me your opinion on the difficulty level.  I have pieced quilts before by hand and have sewn a quilt or two on a small scale but I have never put together a large quilt with small pieces. 

This is the type of quilt that I would love to have in my littlest boys rooms...matching quilts made by their mom.  How special would that be?  
How long would that take?  Oh, my!

Would anyone of my sewing friends be willing to give this project a go with me so we could hold each other accountable?


  1. I consider myself an intermediate quilter and this isn't that hard. It's 1,600 2 in squares being sewn together. Time consuming but not difficult if you can sew a straight line. The difficulty comes is when considering fabric placement and making sure that you're sewing them in the right place. Making sure the seams line up will be super important in this one. That's just my two cents:)

  2. I agree. :) I just looked on the site the quilt is from, and by her patterns, you could totally do this. You could easily replicate it without a pattern. It's just squares. :) Looks like fun!

    P.S. I think you're one of the few blogs I follow that is posting this week. LOL! I usually don't have time to comment, because I'm 'busy' browsing. :)

  3. Agreed...your seam allowance accuracy is going to make or break this one. If you are off by even a bit, then you're going to have difficulty making it all match. But as far as piecing difficulty... it's cake:)

    And I'm with Deanna - Thanks for posting. I actually have some time on my hands to read and there isn't much out there this week.

  4. I checked this out as she was doing it, and my thought was to do it with fusible interfacing (watercolor quilt style).
    I do totally agree that consistent seams are CRUCIAL in a quilt like this!

  5. I actually made this! You can see all my posts about it here:


    It was A LOT of work, but I had fun doing it, and it was a great challenge for me. I actually made it worse by adding an additional 12 rows making it 2080 little squares. I figured each block took me about 1 or 1 1/2 hours. There are 25 blocks in her design. I pinned that thing like I have never pinned a quilt. You have to have near-perfect seams to get everything looking right. This was definitely the most time-consuming quilt I have made.

    I did get sick of it in the middle and took a break for a while. It was worth it in the end and is lots of fun to have in my quilt pile.

    Good luck!


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