DIY "Lunchables"...

Monday, December 13, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I am SO sick of buying "Lunchables" and I'm just not that impressed with them.  I mean, have you ever looked at them up close?
The meat just isn't appetizing at all and my kids NEVER eat the cheese...the crackers leave something to be desired but hey, they are EASY right?

Whose to say that "easy" is best?  I honestly think that what the kids love is that their bites are sectioned off so I have been scouting out for containers that are sectioned, portable, compact, and CHEAP!

I can make better PB & J's and throw in veggies and dip, etc and have a healthier meal for my little ones that is made with LOVE. 

Here's my top choices for new lunchbox containers....

BPA Free Plastic Compartmentalized Containers by

Klip-It Lunch cubes have caught my eye in action.  I was in awe of the one a student of mine had and I finally found them online at The Container Store.

The Container Store also carries this little number...
This Clip and Close is nice and would last forever, but is a little pricier than I had hoped.

What about Martha's version for $4.99, hmm, I like it!

I've managed to find the "Ziplock" brand and I've ordered the boxes for comparison...I'll let you know how it all works out.  Any thoughts?


  1. I use the Ziplocs with my boys. (My pbj's are sooooo much yummier than those frozen Uncrustables!) :) But I find I need a few more sections. Anything with about 2 more spots? Preferable cheap? haha I'm going to check out the ones at The Container Store. Thanks!

  2. We have the clip and close and love it! So hard to find the rght fit for you.

  3. My kids love homemade lunchables and the price is just SO RIGHT!


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