I'm not NOT blogging on purpose...

Sunday, November 14, 2010 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

My life is just crazy!  I'm losing my mind, so I'm not sure trying to pour out my thoughts to my blog friends is the best idea lately.  I sit down and try to think of something interesting I've done lately...nothing.  Then I remember why my life is so crazy right now.  

Currently my house is in shambles.  Walls, carpet and hardwood floors are ripped up all because of a toilet that over flowed while I was out having coffee with my girls.  Husband slept through the trickling and I found the mess...

My beloved professor passed away.  My efforts for her class had been on idle for almost a month.  When we lost her, it felt like I lost a good friend.  I worry people think that it is weird to care about a professor in that way, but the truth is, I miss her.  She was a blessing to know and her spirit is still alive...that's what matters.

My son started a Christian school.  I think back to my decision to home school him and I'm SO glad I did, otherwise the opportunities that God has handed me would not have happened.  I realize that He has to be able to trust you with the gifts He gives in order to bless you more.  Cooper is in love with his new school, teacher and friends.  I'm in love with how happy he is.  My promise to him was, that we would still "home school", I still have so much to teach him.

I'm ready to chuck all my laundry out the window.  My mom says I just need to stay on top of it.  I say,  "you've NEVER been in my shoes mom".  I'm overwhelmed!  School, a new job, a home, husband and kids to care for.  I'm just tired and I need to create some sort of order in my life very soon. 

Did I mention I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Well, that was just an update.  Nothing creative going on here today.  Even though I have things I've wanted to post about...soon, baby, soon!


  1. Sending hugs your way. You've got a lot going on! I'm so sorry for the loss of your professor. I hope you're able to regain a sense of order, soon.

  2. To be honest none of our mums have any idea of what it's like to walk in our shoes. They brought up kids in an age when kids played after school on the street till tea time! I've resigned myself to NEVER CONQUERING THE LAUNDRY but I do force myself to do one or two loads EVERY SINGLE DAY, that way it doesn't quite take over the house. Also I force the children to take the piles of folded washing to the bedrooms so it doesn't take over the living room. I feel your pain. I hope it gets better soon. Also one more thing, do something creative first, the other stuff will fit in :)
    Big hugs
    deb xxxxx

  3. Aimee, we had the laundry also. It never was caught up. I did place baskets in the laundry room for out of place items and clean laundry. My children had to put their laundry up and knew where to search for something they left out or misplaced and then I found.

    Thanks for the nice pjs for Cooperman. They are really nice. The day you came I had taken a really late lunch so as to get a hair cut. Thanks for bringing them by. Please send me a mail with invoice total to my inbox and I will pay for them for Beth. Hang in there. Sorry about the flood. I experienced a washer whose bottom was rusted out. Water went all over laundry room and kitchen, then to basement. What I did not know after spending hours cleaning is that I could have called the insurance company and they would have sent someone out to help clean up. Our coverage provided the help. Do hope things will be better soon. I set too high expectations of myself. Finally learned to not push so much but wish I had learned years earlier. Working full time is difficult. Hope you will have summers off and can do the major projects then. Also, a Christmas break?


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