The Straight and Narrow: Prayer, Decisions and Opened Doors

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

We all want the best for our children and for the last 8 years, the best I could give them was me.   James and I sacrificed and struggled so that I could stay home with my babies.  It didn't take us long to realize that in order to stop the struggling, we were going to have to have faith.   I've posted in the past about my children and how I had to give them back to our Father in order to have peace and still be the mother I needed to be despite my shortcomings.  I need God to always be sufficient in the areas of my life where I am not, He never falters or changes.  It has only been over the last few years that I have started to grow in my faith.  Growing in faith is purely the result of getting to a place in life where you realize that God HAS to be in control.  I couldn't just give my children back to God, I had to give Him MY life too.

Last Spring I had this desire to start home-schooling Cooper.  I can not say that one reason was greater than another but it was a conviction I had.  I would never have considered home-school if God had not considered it for me.  I truly believe that my children need to be learning in a place that is centered around Him and for the time being, that was our home.  I have no doubt in my mind that the decision James and I made to pull Cooper from public school was the right one.  God lays out a course of events for a purpose, no matter if we like or love the outcome.  

Last summer, I had heard a teaching position opened up at my littlest boys Christian centered playschool (my dream job).  I had long term subbed for them last year and loved it.  Yes they are 3 and 4 years old but I LOVED teaching them.  I called the director up and asked if she was still looking for a teacher.  She'd said she didn't know I wanted to work or she'd have called me.  I thought..."Okay, that's fine Lord," I still wanted to follow His guidance and home-school Cooper and that wouldn't have allowed me to do so.  As the months progressed, Cooper and I spent such valuable time together and in that course of time he asked Jesus to be his life long friend.  Seeing my child accept Christ was more amazing than his natural birth.  Then 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call...

The director at my littlest boys school needed a teacher.  ASAP, the next day!  I was so confused!  Why did God allow me to pull Cooper from school if He was going to drop a job in my lap that he knew I wanted?  After talking to the director and explaining that teaching Cooper was my priority and that I would help her for 2 weeks and that would give me time to pray and ask God for guidance.   She was more than accommodating, allowing Cooper to "work" there as well. It would also give me an additional week during fall break to pray more.  Funny thing about God, you only have to ask Him once!  Over the last 2 weeks, I have been on my knees in solitude several times over the decision.  God laid my path before more quickly and swiftly.  I wanted my path to be clear with no confusion.

Cooper now has the opportunity that we have wanted for him since he was so little, as well as his brothers.  God is providing.  We now are able to put him in a school setting that is God focused.  Not only that but he has so many opportunities that I couldn't provide.  Also, as a teacher, I can still "home-school" him when he's home.  God helped me to realize that.  The life lessons he learns are still those he learns at home.  On the other hand, I still get to be with my other two boys, everyday!  Littlest is right next door in and Middlest is down the hallway from me.  I only work 1/2 a day and the opportunity is one that I know God is going to use for big things later in life.

While I have enjoyed staying home with my babies for a long time, God has opened a door and made my path straight and clear with no confusion. 


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  2. Congrats, may the new path be full of joy and hapiness :)


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