It's OFFICIAL! We have an indoor pool.

Monday, October 18, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Now, I know what my closest friends are thinking. 
Which kid over flowed the tub? AGAIN!?  
No, it's not it at all.  It's even better.  Take a look...

It's a Lego Pool!

The kids broke out in a panic when I came in the house with this thing. 
I don't know why?
I pressure washed the inside, out and under.  Hauled it up the stairs 
and straight into the  playroom.  This is an attempt to contain 
the Lego's the run a muck throughout my house. 
I don't believe in kids that don't make messes 
but I do believe in some sort of containment.

A smaller pool would probably work better.
Pools in the home are also great for letting 
your children experience things like the fall leaves. 
Buy a box of faux fall leaves and dump them in.
Or cotton balls
Or throw in some fish and give them a pole.
The possibilities are endless.

You too can have an indoor pool!


  1. Great idea to contain the mess. We have legos in various bins all over the place plus a bunch of wooden blocks. I think my son would love keeping them in this!

  2. Fabulous inspiration! And they can keep creating all the LEGO things they want to.


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