I'm GODS strong and mighty tower.

Friday, October 22, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

Today, I was talking to a friend about my convictions.  Recently, I posted on Facebook that I could no longer be on Facebook because of the conviction God gave me towards it.  It was my personal conviction.  I said..."It probably sounds crazy to everyone when I say things like God told me to stay off Facebook."  She said, "NO way!"  As a matter of fact she went on to say that God convicts her too about everything.  Whew!  That makes me feel much better...especially since I need to tell you this.

During my prayer tonight, I had to apologize to God for not spending the time with Him that I should and because I have been slacking, I asked Him to help me look over the past couple of weeks and find the one thing that I need to work on.  He did!  See I consider God to be a mighty, strong God that can do anything.  You can NOT believe that and think of yourself as weak.  

Tonight, God convicted me about my testimony.  I should be able to go out in the world and be a MIGHTY, STRONG testimony.  Not because God told me to be but because He is IN me.  He is part of me and if I truly believe that He is as powerful as He is, nothing should make my testimony weak or non-existent.  I should always walk out in the world by my faith that God is in me, He is strong and mighty.  Therefore, I should stand tall and approach the world like a tower of strength, goodness and purity.

I am still convicted about Facebook.  I do not spend time on there.  Recently I have started checking in on friends but it doesn't feel good.  It feels like I am betraying God.  So, I do my best.  I'll do better.  I really wish my friends would e-mail me or call instead of leaving "messages" on Facebook because that's what I initially gone there to check.  [sigh]  

God is right you know!  If he's convicting me, He'll convict you too because we Christians do serve the same God and we should be asking Him for guidance.  If you're not, I encourage you to do so.  It'll make a HUGE difference.  Also, I found this gave me strength tonight as well.

"For You have armed me with strength for the battle" (2 Samuel 22:40).

He armed me WITH strength!    I have to think about what my choice of arms would be if I went into battle.  Would it be a gun, would it be a sword?  Would it first be strength?  Yes it would.  Strength of mind and body.     My battle is before me and among me daily.  The strength of my testimony lies with God!


  1. Thanks for this post! I've also felt convicted about things, positive and negative, in my life. God works even more wonders when we listen to His convictions. Love the strong tower idea, "the righteous run in to it, and they are safe" as my daughter sang in the school's chapel for years!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! What an interesting coincidence to read this at the same time that God's been telling me to totally delete my FB account for a few weeks now. I know I need to do it, I know it wastes so much time in my days. I've been spending less and less time there, but then I connect with another old friend and end up wasting too much time again. Your 2nd paragraph summed it up perfectly for me! Time to delete my account completely today! There's only so many relationships I can maintain in my life, so there's a reason why I'm no longer in contact with people from high school 17 years ago. And just think how much more time I could have to spend with God if I got rid of the FB time waster?! Thanks again, I needed to read this today. :0)

  3. Hi - what a neat blog you have. I'm rarely on FB or Twitter so I don't have that problem. I have more trouble getting the work I need to do - like my Usborne Books business, cleaning, etc done. I also run 3 blogs and those are taking up way to much of my time. After the holidays I will be cutting back to 2 for sure. I don't know how parents who run blogs do it.

    I am definitely following you. I have a wonderful giveaway on my Holiday Traditions blog at:

    Leanne of Everyday Celebrations sponsored a giveaway of her 'Give Thanks' Countdown Cards - these are designed to encourage families to learn about gratitude and thankfulness. I'd love to have you win if you enter - it would be perfect for homeschool families.

    Well, sorry about writing a book - LOL. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful week!

    Tina "The Book lady"


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