Drink More Water

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

I have struggled for far too long with this thick layer that I wear on top of the skinny me.  Basically, it is come down to my health and as much as I keep saying..."I need to lose weight".  It just doesn't happen like I want it to. 

So tonight I had a little talk with our Father and asked for His guidance on the matter.  His answer was so simple..."drink more water."  I kinda made me stop and think about what I had been drinking lately.  Not much of anything besides coffee and a little diet coke.  Seriously!?  Who can live on that.

As much as I've heard that drinking more water is the key to losing weight, it is not something I have fully tried.  So here goes!  Let's see what happens I guess...

P.S.  I get really tired about talking about my weight issues.

P.P.S.  Pray for me...I'll do the same for you.  My blog is an open request line at anytime.  :)

PPS.  And I promise this is the last time I'll P.S.  but it kinda made me think that not only do I not drink enough water physically but I also do not drink enough of His water...His Word.   I'm know that there is a connection between what I struggle with and the answers I seek that are found in His Word which I don't get enough of either.   Just a thought...


  1. Praying for you! I know I need to start drinking water more too. I live on Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea. Ugh! I also need to dig in to His Word and start drinking His Living Water deeper and deeper. God bless you, I hope you--no I KNOW you will succeed! :)

  2. I can pray for you, too. If you are hearing God's voice that clearly, then He will lead you to the weight you need to be and to those healthier habits, too.

    We have so much that distracts us and we have so much that we focus on that we seem to think of Him after we've come up short...after we've gotten frustrated...after we live with something for a while.

    My goal is to realize that He is ready to me to turn to Him now before I try the next thing that I think I should do. My struggle is in the debt we carry and how I want to be done with it, yet every time I turn around, we have another problem to deal with. Clearly, God has something He wants me to learn in this time of debt. He is likely to move me on when I have understood all that He wants me to understand about Him in this.

    God is the God of the living. Glad we are in this together!

  3. Hey, I follow your blog, and it is funny you should mention this about water. I am trying to lose weight as well as overcome some big health problems and have just bought the book The Water Cure upon solid recommendations from a couple people it really helped! I am trying it, and I am actually feeling a little better. The author also has a book called Obesity, Cancer, Depression - http://www.amazon.com/Obesity-Cancer-Depression-Common-Natural/dp/0970245823/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1288167102&sr=1-1

    A couple sites that can help if you want to research more:

    Sorry such a long comment, I was just excited to share the info! lol

  4. I was in your same place a year ago, but I (at that time), didn't have HIM to guide me. I found a program that worked for me--i think i just got to the point where i was so down and disappointed in myself, that i went at it full throttle. It includes making time for MYSELF (working out), drinking water, and of course, talking to God. Here I am, a year later: 37lbs down. :)
    You can do it!!


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