DIY Command Center For Your Home

Saturday, October 30, 2010 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Remember this...
That I made here.

and this...

That I used here.

Both of these things I used for my new command center.  Since taking a job, my life had been CAAAARAZYYYY!  It was time for a little help.  I recently saw something similar in a magazine but I can't find it now.
So, I thought I'd try to replicate what I saw in my own style. 
I even used a baby formula can that was a bucket for my baby shoes and did this.

Which now does this...

Almost everything on the wall is held up with StikkiWax.
The cabinet door/memo board is hung from the back but held firmly
in place by the StikkiWax, so it doesn't sway.
Even my "half" can is held in place.

Here are some other tips for StikkiWax

image of StikkiCLIP and paper
Ideas for Home Use:
  • use a bit of Wax to hold candles in place
  • use some Wax to hold decorative plates steady on plate racks
  • a bit of Wax behind a picture frame will keep it from tilting
  • quake-proof small, fragile and collectible things
  • use a Clip on the front door for delivery person messages
  • use Clips or Wax to hold wires in place
  • secure a key in a hiding place with a bit of wax
  • use some Wax to keep loose windows from rattling
  • use two Clips on window frames - one up / one down
    - and wrap mini-blind cords around them to keep them
    out of the way
  • Hooks hold shoe horns & belts in the closet
  • use Clips or Wax on garage door for welcome home signs
  • use Hooks to hang bracelets, rings & hair accessories
  • use Hooks on tile to hang shower caps
  • use Clips to create a photo wall at family gatherings
Visit Here for More Ideas
And here to help organize your home office.

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