Miniature Marshmallow Roast

Saturday, July 03, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

It all started with this...

I was asked by Evan if we had a tent.  I said, yes we do.  And you can guess by now what happened next.  I was outside on a humid Georgia morning, pitching a tent in our back yard.

So, then someone said..."do we have marshmallows???

Yes we did mini ones, we also had a candle, lighter, and toothpicks.

Carefully, mini marshmallows burn just as easy as big ones.  Which I think was their favorite part, plus they used about 50 toothpicks for some reason.


  1. This reminded me of college. My roomies and I would roast mini marshmallows over a candle with bent paperclips. Then, we'd make mini s'mores with golden grahams and chocolate chips. So fun!

  2. Adorable! What a cute idea.

    Morgan @


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