My Mini Kitchen Redo

Thursday, June 24, 2010 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

This post is a couple of weeks overdue.  I couldn't wait to show you when I did it but then it took me this long to show you.  So, this is my before.

I loved it 2 years ago but that's how long it took for me to decide it wasn't for me.  So, I started taking down wallpaper and I can't tell you how happy I was to see  the gray walls.  As much I hated them when I wallpapered, I was SO happy to see them again.

How to remove wallpaper:  Use on of those "scoring" tools from your home improvement store and score, score, score...then mix in a spray bottle 1/2 liquid fabric softener (make sure you like how it smells) and 1/2 water.  Mist spray your walls that have been scored.  Wait about 10 minutes and then start to peel.  The backing will be left on the wall, spray it again with  your fabric softener mixture and the using a putty knife, scrape it away.  When I first started I didn't score enough and thought I would never get the paper down. 

In the mean time if you have a little buddy that insists on helping, put on some good music and let him watch pictures scroll across the screen.  He'll watch for hours until he falls asleep, right on top of the counter.

After you have removed all the wallpaper, use your putty knife to patch holes in your wall using wall putty, and as you can see, I found lots of places that needed work which meant lots of sanding too.

Oh and I added chair railing, of sorts.  My husband said, "That's not chair rail!" but I loved how it looked.  Here's how...
Use a level and draw a level line across your wall, where you want your railing to be.  I used my chairs as my guide because I didn't want them to mark up my newly painted wall ever again.  Then, you'll want to cute your pieces.  

To cut the angles I needed this is how I started.  I laid the piece I was going to cut against the wall and drew a straight line coming out of the edge of the wall as shown.  I used my husbands table saw to make my cuts but you can buy cheap kits that will help you with your angles and cuts.

My husband also has a nail gun that only does pin nails.  I love this thing!.  Aim and shoot.  You can also use an adhesive if you like but I didn't, in case I ever change my mind. It's been known to happen.

I went all the way around with the trim using the same methods.  I also had extra trim for my mistakes, there were some because getting the angles right in a bay window are a nightmare.

This is what the walls looked like, after.  Much better right?  Now, my kitchen has slowly transformed over the last few weeks and I have added some great little touches, new curtains, etc.  It's still a work in progress about them walls??


  1. Much simpler and calming. Love it.

  2. Thank you! I need to take pictures of today. I've added a little spice to the calm. I hope it's "working".

  3. Hey Aimee.. I like the remodel.. Im sure it was a lot of work, but looks great...Enjoy..


  4. U guys did great! It looks a lot nicer than the old wallpapered wall. I too have a lot of work ahead of me since we are going to repaint the kitchen wall and the cabinets as well. :) Thanks for sharing yours!


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