Any Home School Moms Out There???

Friday, June 04, 2010 Aimee Larsen 14 Comments

This past spring my heart told me that it was for my family that I home school our children.  It has as much to do with the fact that I know I can do better by them as it has to do with our Faith.  I've found over the last few months that God has been calling me to be home with my babies until he says stop.   

In previous years I would have been the first to say homeschooling wasn't for me.  I can't tell you what has changed but I need advice.  So, I'm treating this post like one of those "baby shower" games where you give the "new mom" mothering advice.  I need advice.  What steps to take, what is important when it comes to anything, groups for my kids, etc.

So, the comments are open for anyone that supports this venture and decision.  I've already decided it is something I am going to do for my boys so there is no need to try to persuade me not too.  So, please home school moms unite and help a momma out.


  1. Oh I hope you get a lot of comments, because I too feel the call to homeschool my 2 boys, but I'm SCARED TO DEATH about starting!I feel lost, and confused. I need some structure!! AGH!! Please share which comments help the most. I know there must be lots of lost mommas out there wanting to know the same thing as you and I. I don't know ANY homeschool moms, and would love to have some blogger friends to help...

  2. Well I don't know if my advice will be of any help, but as a mom who Homeschools three, soon to be four kids, this is what we do. We homeschool through a charter school in our state that uses k12 curriculum. You can check out to see if there is one in your state. By doing it that way, all our materials are given to us for free, we have a teacher we can access with any questions, and we then also do required state testing. It works for us. I like that I really don't have to plan lessons, just present them. No worries if I teaching them what they need. (writers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) is also a great resource to check out along with If you can stick to a schedule, you can be successful. Hope I was of some help and goodluck!

  3. I so admire your decision! I am still questioning it, and thankfully for me, I have another year or two before making a concrete decision... I'm a 'seeker' I guess! =) I do read this blog, though, and I think Stefanie has a wonderful perspective, so I thought I would throw it out in case you *needed* something else to read. Good luck~ I think it is such a wonderful choice!

  4. Good for you. I would first read "A Well Trained Mind" has some fabulous advice and sources. A blog that I enjoy reading with homeschool advice and info is

    Best wishes on this new adventure!

  5. I was homeschooled from K-11th grade. I finished my second half of my junior yr and senior yr at a private school.

    I tell my mom all the time I dont know how she did it. Don't let people tell you that your kids will be deprived etc. Make sure you join a group of other home schools and keep your kids involved in activities.

    Good Luck!

  6. Just wanted to say good for you! and your family. My daughter is only 15 months but we will be sending her to a local christian school or homeschooling for the same reasons.
    OH!and I love your blog&patterns :)

  7. I've been homeschooling for 5 years now and wouldn't change it for anything. As a parent you are blessed with the ability to teach your own children. Many will tell you otherwise, but stick to your guns- you know it's the right thing, you know you can't raise your children the way you want to if they are in mainstream school.
    The first thing of course is prayer. Pray for constant guidance and help. Homeschooling is not easy and takes dedication and organisation, but with God's help we can do amazing things.
    Good for you, go for it!!

  8. Good luck in your new adventure into homeschooling. I know it's sure become much more popular so hopefully you will get many helpful people stopping by. My children are all grown and I never did the homeschooling thing however, one of them I had to do A LOT of helping with his homework as he was/is ADD. He had a horrible mental block with fractions and it was extremely tough getting him (and me) through it but we finally succeeded.

    I think if you check through Ree's blog (Pioneer Woman) you might find some help and great ideas. She's most well known for her cooking blog, but she has a number of blogs all on one site. This link should take you to her homeschooing portion. Good luck.

  9. Well I admire this decison as you know. I have thought about doing this myself. However, I am still not to point that I feel "called" to do it. I know you will do great. I dont have any advice for you but wanted to encourage you anyway....I know you will do great with it.

  10. I don't homeschool... I'm old enough to be a grandmother, but I do enjoy a blog that has a home school tab. Ree has lots of tips and advice.

  11. I, too, am beginning on the same journey. Here are some things I recommend and have found as you get started:

    Book: "Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath - You Can Do This" by Terrie Lynn Bittner. I found it at the library and I have LOVED this book. She's funny, too, but gives you so much information. I have to buy it - I think it's going to be an invaluable tool for me the first year, or more.

    Book: "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille - even if you don't follow the suggestions in the book, it really opened my eyes to what I am really trying to accomplish with my kids aside from educating them. Helping them discover a love of learning is invaluable to them for their entire lifetime, and teaching them to be able to think and problem-solve for themselves, as well as being great leaders, is important to me, too. There are other companion books written by DeMille and his wife.

    Book: "Leadership Education" was written by Demille and his wife and is the how-to-do-it book to follow up Thom. Jeff. Education, if you aren't sure how to implement the ideas into your teaching.

    Favorite websites/forums/blog posts I've found:

    The Homeschool Lounge

    Great, awesome forum and message board. There are boards for everything under the sun, from the different methods and types of homeschooling, to buying or selling used curriculum, gardening, and even one for transitioning from public school (PS) to homeschool (hs), like us! It's free to join!

    "Or So She Says..."

    There are actually three great posts here, right in a row. These were under the topic "homeschool" on the sidebar. :)

    Go to your library and I am sure you will be surprised at the resources there. If I think of anything else, I'll come back and post it. :) Good luck to us both!

  12. I was homeschooled middle and high school. As a Christian mom of three little (3, 2, 1) girls I feel like I should be able to do it all. And by all, that means homeschooling. But I don't feel led *at all* to do this. I shared this with my mom and she said "Sarah, you KNOW when you are called to do it. If you're not feeling it, you're not meant to. You will KNOW." This has always been such a comfort to me. Right now I do not feel this calling and I have become ok with that. If you are feeling called, then I believe He will equip you for that journey. GO FOR IT!

  13. My mom, my mother in law and my friend's mom all home schooled, either all or part of the way through school (I was home schooled for only part of 10th grade then opted to start Jr. College early instead of continuing high school studies)

    I will pick the mother's in my life's brains and get back to you with what I pick up.

    I'm sure it seems daunting because it is a huge responsibility, but nothing is too difficult for God, and if you feel His leading in this he will equip you- no doubt about it.

  14. The best advice I recieved from a veteran homeschool mom was realize that a lot of school time is taken up with administrative duties like roll call etc.  The time investment is not what you might think.  Also, if you can teach your kids to tie their shoes and bake cookies, you can teach them math.  In fact, math is heavy in cooking.  What is 1/4 cup?  How many 1/4 cups equal 1 cup?  You get the point. Use these ideas in anything you do, from going to the store to watching movies.

    The best advice from my mom was:  What kids need to learn is how to learn and that they can do anything.  Roots and wings, in other words.

    Have fun and don't stress. 


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