Spice up Your Marriage: Meet Me In The Laundry Room

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

What is it they say about the 7 year itch?  I don't know but I'm in my 9th year of marriage to my high school sweetheart and I don't remember itching.  As I recall  shortly after our 7 years my marriage took a turn for the better.  Why?  Because I studied and read on what it meant to by my husbands help meet.  I was supported greatly when I blogged about how I was my husbands helper but about 9 months ago that changed for me.

I started school and I started screaming "HELP!".  I figure that if I'm going to spend 12 hours away from my home that I normally spend and even more time studying and doing school work, I deserve some help.  This has been an ongoing battle for the entire time I have going back to school.  It came to a head at Christmas and went nowhere.  My pleas seem to go unheard, or are they?

This evening I was in my laundry room, fuming mad because my husband said the words, "I work for a living."  Do you even know how mad that makes me???  It's like he's saying I don't work but as soon as he came home he said, "Honey, I wasn't saying YOU don't work too, I was just REALLY busy."  Fine.  So he didn't intend it the way it felt.  So, I was standing in my laundry room and my favorite scripture started playing in my head (I'm so glad there is a song) and it dawned on me that I needed to stop asking my husband for more help that he obviously couldn't give me, he never had been able to do more that he was doing so why was I asking for more.  On the other side of the coin was that God was not giving me any more than I could handle so, if I felt like I needed help, I needed to call on Him.

Now, that being said, my marriage as been on a little bit of a slippery slope for the last 9 months with me complaining, griping, and yes even yelling and I know it's not attractive.  So, it dawned on me that I created the mess in my my marriage.  My husband had always been the first to say " Our marriage doesn't need fixing..."  I'm glad he thinks so but I think I can do better.

So, I'm doing my own "Love Dare" of sorts.  I'm asking that my friends and dear readers do it with me.  Starting from Day 1, I'm going to post my challenge for the day and that challenge will remain a challenge for the rest of the 40 days.  They say it only takes 20 days to start a habit so I think this is going to be set in stone before it's over.

Come back every day and "Meet Me In The Laundry Room" to find out what the days challenge is.  You don't have to do it the same day, you can do it the next but I challenge you to try it.  Why the Laundry Room?  It's my prayer closet, my time alone and now a place were we can share new ways to improve our marriage.  So, that's where I'll be.  If you would like a daily e-mail, please e-mail me.  I am going to be doing this and I'd love for you to do it with me.  Grab the button for your blog to the right so you can come back with one click.  I(f you don't see it, you will shortly)

If you can't come every day, come once a week and jot down a weeks worth of challenges and give them a try, just remember to please leave me a comment about your experience so that you may inspire others.


  1. sounds fantastic~ This is an area where God has really been challenging me to dig in and work on. Honestly I haven't been looking forward to it, but as I was reading your post and the one you linked to, God sort of confirmed that I do need to put some attention here. And we are wrapping up our 7th year, so it's about time! I want the marriage God wants for me, and I am excited to see what you come up with! Thanks for the push over the edge!

  2. Hello Aimee,

    I am not married (divorced) but I did want to comment. I like your approach to rectifying the pattern you created in your marriage over the last nine months. Also, you hit it dead center when you said, "...God was not giving me any more than I could handle so, if I felt like I needed help, I needed to call on Him." Sometimes in the midst of our feelings of being overwhelmed, we forget that detail. I will pray for you.

    ~ Tracy

  3. I have no idea how I happened across this blog today, but I can only thank the Lord for his strange and amazing timing. I can't believe I found it on day one of this lovely challenge! I have been having a similar problem with needing more help around the house for a similar amount of time. I am pregnant and within days of adding child number 3 to our family. I have been struggling and begging my all-too busy husband for help and getting frustrated when he just can't do more than he is. How silly. You are so right in everything you said, and it spoke to me. I wouldn't say my marriage is strained or struggling from it, but it certainly isn't as happy or loving as it could be, or as it has been in the past. I am IN this with you and can't wait to see what you have planned. Thank you for following intuition and sharing your light!

  4. I just found your blog through Mandy, your first commenter on this post. I have been married for 7 years now and though I haven't started itching, I also struggle with frustration thinking my already busy, stressed out husband could help me out more. God works in mysterious ways, huh?! I'm sure it's no coincidence I am here right now. Looking forward to getting to know you, your blog and working through some challenges.

  5. I'm looking forward to this . . . my husband has been very sick the last 10 months and this has stressed me more than I knew . . . Praise the Lord he is getting better every day . . . I'm sure God directed me here . . .thank you


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