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Monday, May 24, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I saw this idea here and loved it.  It was much easier to make than it looks and saved me TONS of money this year on gifts.  I found these miniature wash tubs for  3/$1 and bought little hand towels to go with the soap 18/$4.  I'll let Amy from The Idea Room tell you how it's done.  My total cost for each gift was $2.22 per teacher.  

I saw this idea here and thought it would be so easy and it was.  IT couldn't find her instructions so I'm giving you mine.  I am even making it easier for you by including the graphic art for the labels.  I did change the popcorn label to match the bottle though.  Just print and past the labels or print them on label paper, trim and stick.  I couldn't find instructions so mine are below.  The total cost for the popcorn, since I got them on sale was less than 20 cents and the bottled water with Crystal Light was right around 30 cents.

Popcorn Instructions:

  1. Trim a 12x12 sheet of paper in half for a 12x6 sheet. 
  2. Wrap the paper around the popcorn, fold one end about 2 inches in.
  3. Secure folded in down with "bursting" label.

Water Bottle Instructions
  1. Trim 12x12 sheet of paper in 3x12 strips.
  2. Punch a 1" hole in the top of a strip.  Cut nicks around the circle.
  3. Fold the opposite end of the strip up to the whole and press the fold.
  4. Fold the end back down to the previous fold and press.
  5. Sew or glue the edges down to form a pocket.
  6. Attach label and slip the pocket onto the water bottle.

Click the images below to see download it for your use.  Simply right click and save when it opens completely.

What about coasters???

I've seen these coasters around for ages and thought they looked just too easy and they were.  A beginning sewer could do this with ease.  I included a layer of plastic vinyl in mine to keep a moisture barrier between the cup and the table.  Here are some great instructions.  These basically cost nothing.  The material were from scraps.  Here is a link to Martha's version.  Here is another I liked.  I liked the idea of trimming close to the stitch line and leaving the ends open alot like the alphabet letters here.

Also, this is really CHEAP if you know how to print, you can make these.  

Visit here to purchase and print these great items for your teacher!  Also, makes great back to school gifts.

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  1. Ooh what a great idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


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