A HomeSpun Gnat Trap

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I think this is the worst year in Georgia for gnats.  I want them gone and I want them gone for a long time.  That's probably not possible so I'd at least like them to stay out of my nose and mouth.  Ewe!  I want to gag thinking about it.  My kids leave the doors open and guess who likes to visit the cool air...yes, GNATS!  yuck.
A while back I saw a fruit fly trap here and I was thinking it would be perfect for catching those pesky gnats as well when I saw that they were highly attracted to my sons PB&J.  I don't know why it liked that sandwich and not the PB&Banana but they did.  So, I pinched off a piece of sandwich and threw it in a glass jar, made a crude funnel out of 12x12" paper and taped it closed around the edges.

Almost immediately the were drawn inside and after a day or two...DEAD!  Yay!  Our "bug man" said I could do the same trick with vinegar/apple cider to catch fruit flies and they would drown.  Don't think that trick isn't up my sleeve too.  Our "bug man" said the problem with letting them out, is that they fly back in and also recommended spraying the container with bug spray to kill them and to use a repellent spray inside the garbage can to keep them out of anything smelly there.
Good idea!


  1. Interesting.... I'm so going to try this.

  2. Fruit flies are one of the easiest to get rid of.  You need a small canning jar, or pickle jar with the mouth of the jar slightly smaller than the jar itself.  I put a small amount of water (about 1/3 full) add some vinegar to attract the fruit fly, and then squirt in a good amount of dish detergent.  The vinegar attacks the flies, and the soap sticks them and they drop to the bottom!  I had several flies due to a "hidden" potato that escaped my bin.  By the time I found it, an army of flies were found.  I used this method, and found several flies in its nest all at the bottom of the jar.  This really works....Give it a try!

  3. There is something about Apple Cider Vinegar and a just a couple of drops of dish detergent that worked really well for me!


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