The Best Ever Ideas for a Pirate Party

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Search no further, I have compiled a list of the very best ideas
for a pirate party ever found on the WWW and yes, some of them are mine.  Why did I do this?  So, I only have to come to one site for the best ideas that are DOABLE!  Too many people are afraid of being crafty, these ideas are great for anyone that wants to Do It Yourself.

  It's always important to give your guest the very best treats you can.  Visit this link to find out how to make this no-sew pirate pouch that you can feel with trinkets and goodies fit for a Captain, ARGH!

These cupcakes are as cute as they come and the method used to make the candied hats is easy and can be done in advance to make decorating simple.  You can do any design you can dream.

This website features a great many free downloads but my favorite was the thank you cards.  Your little pirate can download, print and give these cards to show his appreciation and you'll also find decorations for cupcakes, flags, you name it, ALL for free.   Let this designer know you stopped by.

Can you imagine the fun you would have just printing these graphics to use for scrapbooking, decorating or even using them as a template for your cupcakes. Digital scrap booking has opened up a whole new world for scrappers but if you don't scrap, let these little guys inspire you.

This idea can be super cheap and your guest or your little pirate will keep for a long time.  This creative mom uses simple black t-shirts to make and give.  The method is easy and worth a try.

I fell in love with WeeFolkArt a long time ago but could have kissed and married the lady when I saw this post on how to make a pirate costume using an old dress shirt and other rags.  I love how authentic it looks and this can be used for everyday play as well.  Think about putting out a "chest' of dress up clothes for the little pirates when they arrive.  

I feel in love with this pendant, I'm thinking of making them for my boys rooms.  This website makes them look so easy.  I LUVVVV her decorations and she has a ton of ideas that are inspiring.  Let me just say I almost gave someone else credit for these great ideas.  If you love them, let her know they are great!

I just don't think Martha could have done a better fruit basket.  This fruit basket almost caught my breath.  I'm not sure how popular fruit would have been with 8 year olds at our party this year but I would have done this one just for those awesome pirate sails.

I picked this cake because it looks doable by anyone that wants to make their own cake.  She'll show you how.

Here are a few more blogs that have shared their parties with the world.  Look for the ball and chain idea, seen in the above picture at other parties.  I love that idea too.

By Stephanie Lynn
My Little Cottage
Momma Beez
Once Upon a Cupcake

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